EZL Explains: Worlds Group D

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EZL Explains: Worlds Group D

At the 2017 Vainglory World Championship in Singapore’s Kallang Theatre, the best teams from every region across the world will clash with each other to determine who will win the title of the greatest Vainglory team in the world. In this final article of our series on the group stages, we will cover Group D.

Group D is one which will take the spotlight. In a group with Team SoloMid, Hunters and ACE Gaming – three top teams – competition will be relentless. Before we begin our review of teams in Group D, it’s important to remember that during this phase of the competition each series will have two games. The number of victories will determine who exits the group stages!

Teams of Group D

ACE Gaming – EA

East Asia’s strength is exemplified by this team. ACE Gaming were far and away the strongest team during the Autumn season of Vainglory8 EA, winning 1st place for the split. A favourite to take out the entire championship, they will arrive in Singapore aiming to destroy every single team they face.

The roster has three adept players: YoungJoo as the captain, creation as the carry and t4sa as the jungler. Besides breaking the meta, they constantly delete their opposition within seconds during seemingly equal teamfights. Playing patiently and utilising map pressure, they also utilise moments of aggression to secure leads and close out games.

A team that always seems to have another ace up their sleeve, they will be very hard to defeat in the group stages. Keep a careful eye on this team’s performance at Worlds, as they may arise victorious on the final day of the championship.

Team SoloMid – NA

The historical kings of North America attend Worlds for a second time, aiming to go one better than last year and win the title. The frustration of placing third at both Unified Championships this year will be stern motivation for the team, as while they earnt a spot at Worlds through winning the Vainglory8 NA Autumn season, their live event performance has been lacking in 2017. Team SoloMid will need to shake off this trend and perform strongly during the group stages for a chance at vengeance against ROX Armada.

TSM’s roster is identical to last Worlds. BestChuckNA remains as the carry, with VONC as the jungler and FlashX as the captain. FlashX is well known for being one of the best minds in competitive Vainglory, and will aim to lead his team to victory in combination with BestChuckNa’s impeccable mechanics and VONC’s dominance in the jungle. Fan favourites, we expect to hear many “TSM!” chants during the World Championship.

Hunters – CN

Hunters are the greatest team in China, no questions asked. Simply no team has been able to defeat them, with the team winning every season this year and dominating Chinese Vainglory esports. The main concern is if this team will be able to perform at the same level against top East Asian and North American teams, but if anyone can do it from their region, it’s the Hunters. While they did not perform strongly at the 2016 World Championship, roster and visa issues at the time were a large reason for lacklustre results, with the current roster having experienced no such problems.

Hunters’ roster is formed by Godfather as the captain, Harmonious as the carry and SWAGiu as the jungler. This team will aim to demonstrate their strengths through an aggressive playstyle and smart counterpicking during draft, making this team very flexible ingame. Will the top team from China be able to outperform the other members of their group?


To predict which teams will proceed to the next stage of the 2017 Vainglory World Championship, we focused on the players’ and teams’ competitive backgrounds, recent performance of each team, differences in playstyles and the individual skills of each player. Keep in mind that it’s only our thoughts, and that anything can happen in a live event.

We believe that Group D’s final placings will be as follow:

1st: Team SoloMid

2nd: ACE Gaming

3rd: Hunters

With that, this series on the teams of the group stages of Worlds comes to a close. We’re glad to have provided you information about the twelve teams attending the championship, and hope you learnt something through this series.

Once again, make sure you submit your own predictions through the VGPRO Bracket Challenge for a chance to win Glory, Mystery Keys, ICE or an iPhone X. Additionally, if you haven’t read our previous articles on Group A, Group B or Group C, go check them out (it’s worth it!).

Worlds begins on the 14th of December, and ends on the 17th. We’re extremely excited to see how the competition plays out, and we’re sure that you’re just as hyped. Tune in on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or live at the event, and support your favourite team!

Written by Painkllr and edited by Holland