EZL Explains: Worlds Group C

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EZL Explains: Worlds Group C

During the 2017 Vainglory World Championship, held in Singapore’s Kallang Theatre from the 14th to the 17th of December, twelve teams from over the world will fiercely compete for the title. Continuing EZL’s coverage of the group stages, this article will focus on Group C.

This group is made up of three powerhouse teams: Impunity of Southeast Asia; ROX Armada of East Asia, the defending World Champions; and the wildcard team, Tribe of North America. All of these teams have performed brilliantly this year at various events, and tensions will be high when they first clash in the group stages. Each two-match series will be vital in deciding which two teams progress to the elimination stages of the tournament.

Teams of Group C

Impunity – SEA

Southeast Asia has a competitive scene full of innovation. Impunity qualified to Worlds through winning the Summer Live Finals of Vainglory8 SEA while constantly showing inventive strategies and drafting, which proved they will be an exemplary representative of their region. They consistently placed in the top three teams from Southeast Asia throughout 2017.

This team experienced some roster changes during the year, but kept most of the same players. The members of the team are deftQ as the jungler, Bluexidy as the carry and Quatervois as the captain – with INKED the substitute player. Along with strong mechanics, tihs squad will be looking to overrun their opponents through strategy and unexpected picks, which is sure to be very entertaining!

ROX Armada – EA

As soon as we mention ROX Armada, we are reminded of their previous iteration as Phoenix Armada, who dominated the 2016 Vainglory World Championship with a roster made up of Willy, druid and Mango. After the ROX Gaming organisation acquired the team, Armada experienced small roster changes in the captain position, losing Willy and picking up Engineeus.

While Aramada still performed strongly during 2017, their dominance has been questioned by other top teams in the Vainglory8 EA – including ACE Gaming and DetonatioN Gaming. Paired with health issues suffered by their star carry, druid, ROX is not as heavily favoured to win the title as you’d expect for the reigning world champions.

ROX Armada return to the world stage with druid as the carry and Mango as the jungler, who have been the core of the team for a significant length of time. However, the recent signing of the skilled captain pQq has shuffled Engineeus into the substitute position.

The team has a farm-centric playstyle reliant on the amazing individual ability of druid, along with strong shotcalling and teamfighting – however, adjustments in playstyle may occur with their new captain. Will ROX Armada be able to overcome this obstacle to win two championships in a row?

Tribe – NA

Completing the trio of Group C, we have Tribe. While they qualified for Worlds thanks to the wildcard given by SEMC, the members of Tribe have been strong competitors in the Vainglory esports scene for a long time, performing well in multiple tournaments. DNZio’s play in particular has often been observed to soar to new levels when competing on a real stage as opposed to online due to a “live buff” – he’s been quoted as saying that he finds it easier to dominate in front of a crowd. The potential for a spike in team performance at Worlds will threaten the other teams in Tribe’s group.

Before Tribe acquired this team, this roster were under the Immortals banner for the majority of the year. While not always placing in the top three of Vainglory8, they have proved their mettle – winning second place at the Summer Unified Live Championship in Los Angeles after beating Team SoloMid in the semi-finals and falling to Cloud9 in the grand final.

Tribe is filled with talent. DNZio, the carry, is an extremely experienced player, while also being one of the youngest. MaxGreen is a playmaking captain and ttigers is a dominant jungler – with the substitute Xelciar flexible in terms of his position. Tribe will fighting to make it all the way to the title, representing North America.


Group C won’t be easy for any of these teams to take out. Surprises and upsets are often just around the corner when you discuss live events, so take note that this is only our point of view after drawing on information about all three teams.  As usual, we took a few aspects into account while deciding on our final predictions of this group, including their competitive backgrounds, recent performance, effectiveness of playstyles and individual mechanics.

We believe the final standings of Group C will be:

1st: ROX Armada

2nd: Tribe

3rd: Impunity

Remember, the only way to find out how the placings will turn out is to watch the championship on Twitch, Facebook or Youtube from the start of Worlds. Don’t forget to submit your own predictions through the VGPRO Bracket Challenge to have a chance to to win Glory, Mystery Keys, ICE or even an iPhone X!

In our next article, we’ll round out our coverage of the group stages, finishing with Group D of Worlds. If you missed our articles on Group A or Group B, make sure to check them out!

Article by Painkllr, edited by Holland

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