EZL Explains: Worlds Group A

The 2017 Vainglory World Championship is the biggest esports event for competitive Vainglory teams from across the globe. Each team that qualified from various regions (Europe, North America, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia and South America) fought harder than ever to win a spot at Worlds, hoping to compete with the elite and prove themselves the greatest. During Worlds, which are being held in Singapore from the 14th to the 17th of December, we will see amazing teams clash in epic battles, including the reigning world champions ROX Armada of East Asia, the live-event dominant North American team Cloud9, and the European favourites G2 Esports.

Here at EZL, as we jump on board the hype for Vainglory Worlds, we’ll give you some background information about every team and predict the results of the group stages which will be held as a round robin: each round robin match being a best-of-two series. Watch closely to see how your favourite team performs in this part of the tournament, as competition will be fierce for spots in the elimination stages. The top two teams progress to the latter stages of Worlds, while the lowest placed team will be forced to bow out of the contest. Let’s start by breaking down Group A!


Cloud9 – NA

There are simply not enough words to describe how well this team performed during 2017. Pushing the standards of Vainglory higher and higher every time they battled on the Halcyon Fold, they set a trend of breaking the meta during competition such as the Unified Live Championships and North American Vainglory8, while outclassing many of their opponents. Weapon-power Petal and captain Skye, anyone?

Cloud9, one of the favourites to take the title this year, are formed by gabevizzle as the captain, Oldskool as the carry and iLoveJoseph as the jungler. Their substitute players are listed as R3cKeD and Azurenai. This team has stayed together all year long, and it’s been extremely fruitful, with Cloud9 taking out the Vainglory Unified Live Championships of both Spring and Summer, thus earning the first available spot at Worlds!

This team is known for following an aggressive playstyle with a focus on snowballing at the beginning of each game, making few mistakes and employing enviably unique draft strategies which took these guys to two Unified Live Championship titles. They continually steal the spotlight from other teams on NA, with the help of their well-known analyst and draft strategist physiX.


Coming from Indonesia, ELITE8 is formed by AnimeSaveMe as the captain, officialhein as the jungler and HundJaegers as the carry. This team qualified to play on Worlds through high-quality performances at live events, as they took out the Vainglory8 Southeast Asia Spring Live Championship which earned them a spot at Worlds.

ELITE8 was one of the top teams of Vainglory8 SEA in all splits this year. Although they are not favourites to win Worlds, ELITE8 players may well surprise us with a strong showing in Group A, especially given the World Championship is held in their home region.

This team definitely has the potential to threaten Cloud9 through a largely different meta and playstyle. Southeast Asia is a region characterised by unique draft strategies. Double weapon-power and double crystal-power compositions are common, along with a large variation of specific targeted team comps that may switch between aggressive and passive playstyles depending on hero selection. ELITE8 are fully prepared to take their opportunity to shine on the world stage.

paiN Gaming – SA

paiN Gaming (formerly RED Canids) have consistently dominated the South American Vainglory esports scene. Each season this year, they have aimed to improve in multiple areas since their appearance at the 2016 Vainglory World Championship, where the previous iteration of the team lost every match. Even through constant roster changes, paiN Gaming has a chance to rewrite the script. Their players come seeking revenge, hoping to take the South American server to new heights in global competition.

Their main roster is formed by JesuinoFera as the captain, Mirotic as the carry and SrMusTer as the starting jungler. The single substitute is FalconDorian, who eagerly awaits for a chance to play. This team destroyed every other team during the South American Autumn Vainglory8, once again being crowned champions of the region.


This group won’t be easy for any team to emerge from as the victor.  As we made a prediction on the final standings of the group, we took into consideration the competitive background and performance of each team, the differences in playstyles and regional meta, and the synergy and skill of the players.

We believe that the placings of Group A will be as follows:

1st: Cloud9

2nd: ELITE8

3rd: paiN Gaming

While this is our closest prediction, in a live event such as Worlds anything is possible and the results we expect may differ wildly from the actual results. The only way we’ll know for sure is by watching the 2017 Vainglory World Championship: either live at the event, at viewing parties globally or online through Twitch, Facebook or YouTube. We hope you are as excited for the event as we are!

Make sure you also don’t forget to submit your own predictions through the VGPRO Bracket Challenge. There are a couple of great prizes to be won, including Mystery Keys, ICE and an iPhone X.

In our next article, we will focus on Group B of Worlds, and provide you with similar background information on the teams participating along with a quick prediction on final standings.

Article written by Painkllr, with editing from hoIIand

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