Welcome to EZL! – Everything you need to know

This article is meant to explain more about the EZL. Special thanks to Head Admin Skillz4Killz for the hour long interview! Links will be located at the end of the article.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the EZL?
  2. What makes the EZL unique?
  3. Department Heads
  4. Season Information
  5. Team Information
  6. Game/Match Information
  7. Review/Key points, Conclusion
  8. Few words from Head Admin

What is the EZL?

From a professional perspective, the EZL is meant to be a global, multi-platform opportunity for players of any level of skill and age to compete for recognition and prizes. The cornerstone of the league is having fun and socializing with new people. For many younger gamers, parents who view gaming as a waste of time instead of something that should be respected and enjoyed by people of all ages is quite big struggle. Here at EZL we attempt to change the perception of gaming to instead be something respected and desired by both players and parents. In conclusion, EZL is a place for gamers to grow, improve, and socialize. At EZL we will host various games and championships with prizes and opportunities for people to make a name for themselves.

What makes the EZL unique?

  1. Draft: Captains will scout players and get to draft players to be on their team on Draft Day.
  2. Trades: Captains are allowed to trade players in a 1 for 1 trade.
  3. Global: The league will take place in all regions where there are enough players to participate.

Who runs the EZL?

Our head admin is Skillz4Killz.  Skillz is friendly and personable, so don’t be afraid to message him on Discord or Band! (Links can be found at the very end)

The EZL is also comprised of many department heads and department workers.  The following list shows each department with its respective employees.

Department Heads:   

Head of EU Division


Head of SEA Division




Head of Statistics


Head of Streaming, Shoutcasting


Head of Web Design, Coding


Head of Discord


Head of Recruiting


Head of Public Relations


Head of Band


Head of Bots


Head of Discord Moderating


Department Members:


EP1CNESS                   ApplesandOranges            DeviousKing                           Eber                      FattioMcCheesio         Mooofasa                         xXColdLegacyXx             AbioticHarp                          Hwasabi                   NovaKade


KingLancelot         Kewy             KingCosmic            physiX                  VGDodo        S1XSE7EN (Intern)

Graphic Designers:

Wifey                   autoMATTic                DemmyFalling         Brenn23                                                                         T$                       TheBrightLord              TheAbel


Itherium (Intern)


Playlover          VoloVG (me 🙂 )        Halinator          B1uerose         physiX


Exasperante           Garich               PlasmicvirkUk      

Season Information:

Each season consists of a time equal to each in-game season. For Vainglory, each season is approximately 3 months. The ideal goal is to have 32 teams per season, but this number can be shifted around to make sure that everyone has a chance to join in. Below is an approximate season breakdown.

Season Breakdown

1-2 Preseason weeks – Build synergy with your team and practice for the regular season

4-6 Weeks of regular season – Matches will be assigned at random. Standings will follow a score where every game will be counted and the seeding for playoffs is determined by Wins/Losses

1-2 Weeks of Playoffs – At the end of the regular season, all teams will clash it out in the Playoffs for a chance to enter and win the EZL Championship and receive top-notch prizes. Playoffs will be single elimination and each match is a best of 3. The first and third game draft order will be decided by the higher seed of the regular season.

1-2 Weeks of post season – During the post season All-Star games will be played where all participants and fans will vote for the most wanted players on the website. Each subdivision of the league will play against the other. This is also where Top 8 captains get to stay for next season and the others are removed but are able to apply again if wanted. Post-season is also where captains begin scouting the Draft Pool for the second season.

Team Information

  1. On draft day, captains draft five players from the pool of applicants. Drafts will be in serpentine fashion. Serpentine fashion is where a random order will be given to the captains a day or two before the draft. They will make the first round pick 1-32 and then go back 32-1, then 1-32 and 32-1, etc.
  2. Captains are in charge of scheduling players for matches according to match schedules and player availability. The captain does NOT have to be part of the team playing.
  3. While the captain has complete control over his team, kicking of a member is not allowed. All picks are final and players may not be replaced with anyone outside the team – except in the case of a player breaking a rule, which will result in the player being removed from the league or moved by trade.
  4. 1 trade per team is allowed during the preseason and 1 before the midpoint of the regular season.
  5. Teams made in EZL will be kept only on the website and not in game. Your in-game teams will remain as you wish.
  6. Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.
  7. To participate, you must have the qualifications to play draft pick.

Game/Match Information:

  1. A team will play four matches a week. Two matches against one team, and two matches against another team.
  2. Each match will consist of 3 draft matches.
  3. Playoffs will be played in a best of 3 (BO3) format, with single elimination

The championship matches will determine the prizes won by each team. Below is an incomplete (subject to change) list of prizes. As the EZL grows, prizes are only going to increase. So invite your friends, family, and even your biggest rivals. Crush your enemies on stream for the world to see and be forever kept in the records of EZLgg.com. Please note that distribution of prizes is still undergoing finalization regarding distribution of cash/ICE prizes for tournament winners.

Current estimates:

If  8 Teams participate in the Playoffs: 4500 ICE prize pool

If 16 Teams participate: 7200 ICE prize pool

If 32 Teams participate: 9000 ICE prize pool

Review/Key points:

  • Each season lasts around 3 months
  • Captains choose 5 people from a pool of players
  • Player picks are final, except for rare situations
  • Teams are ranked by wins and losses
  • 1 trade is allowed in the preseason
  • 1 trade is allowed before the midpoint of the regular season
  • Teams reset at the end of a season. Everyone is allowed to re-apply (including captains, but excluding top 8 captains)
  • Toxicity is not allowed

A few words from Skillz4Killz:

“Here at the EZL, we want people to participate and have fun, so be sure to get involved with the community to make the league friendly and available to all. This league is made by the community, for the community, and run by the community. We are very open to suggestions, advice, and change.”

If you have any other questions or suggestions please don’t be afraid to email us. You can also message us on Discord and Band! Thanks!

EZL Links:

Band                                                                                                                                                                              Discord


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