Trouble for the pro teams

Obstacles that Pro E-sport players face within Vainglory:

Possibly the greatest thing SEMC have done for the Vainglory community and the future of the game was making it more accessible to compete with the higher skilled teams. Through their VIS and VGL series teams in NA and EU can sign up to play compete against other hopeful teams. Those that make it through then have a chance to face the pros. I myself am currently working on honing my skills enough to compete,  and so are many others. So if a professional team starts showing they aren’t cut out, there are many others ready to take their place.

With the ever steady growing numbers within the Vainglory player base and how the Vainglory 8 has been laid out,  with more pro organizations joining the Vainglory competitive scene,  there seems to be less opportunity for teams to join the Vainglory 8 league. After Vainglory World’s,  five major e-sports organizations joined the scene and had rosters for teams within Vainglory 8 with the exception of NRG who picked up a team in the VIS league. Now,  due to the Vainglory’s system of allowing other teams to earn a spot in the Vainglory 8,  it may be possible that three pro teams from NA and three from EU will lose their spots. Which,  as a team is never something you want,  especially if you just joined a pro organization.



What will the challengers matches tell us?

So what can we draw from this so far? Well many of these teams may just need time and practice to perform greater than they currently are,  especially on the new update. However,  it may be too late at this point if a team gets relegated. Furthermore,  It means that challengers teams whether in a pro organization or not,  can still be strong enough to compete.

What I hope to see

As has been evident in the past,  whenever a challenger team makes it into the Vainglory 8 they tend not to perform well enough to stay above the bottom three spots and are soon overshadowed by the other teams. One team that comes to mind as having succeeded is the SNOW team which won a live event. However,  there are more teams in the recent seasons that make it in and don’t fare too well against the rest of the 8 like Fates Zero,  Ardent Aurora,  Necrolyte,  and Nemesis Titan to name a few. So, with strong teams having performed in the challengers and making their way to the split like Late Cobras and Fluffy Chickens I hope they can perform well enough to make a name for themselves if they make it into the Vainglory 8. The same goes for NA challengers, especially with teams that have experienced players like Liberation X (ethree6,  PONtheoriginal,  Statusbaked,  MARTOHHH),  and One Piece 101 (Polifive208, lostboytoph, selenagomez, MonkeyDLufffyy) to name a few.

Now that’s not to say that teams haven’t done well in the Vainglory 8. In NA,  Ardent Aurora and Nemesis Titan did make it to the live Summer finals but lost most of their matches and didn’t perform to the capabilities we have come to know. In the EU Summer finals,  Rising Lotus lost all of their matches. As of late however,  it seems that for EU,  even the bottom three teams seem to fare better than the bottom three from NA. In the current EU standings,  Rising Lotus lead the bottom three with 8 points,  Denial with three,  and Mouse with 0. However,  the gap between one team and the next is not that great and doesn’t exceed five points. In NA,  the bottom standings are as follows: Immortals with five,  Rogue with 4,  Echo Fox with 0 and Misfits with 0. From their it gets worse for the challengers as the gap from Immortals to Gankstars is an 11 point leap. Furthermore,  The top NA team has 27 while the top EU team has 19 points. So it seems that for EU,  it would be easier to climb up the ranks from the bottom three.

In the case that no challenger team manages to break through and (more importantly) maintain their position in the Vainglory8,  it may mean that the gap between pro teams and challengers is larger than we think!


Article written by Ryann17