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EZL Rules And Regulations

These are the Rules and Regulations and can be referred to by any member to contest or uphold decisions made by other players, the community, or its leadership.

Section 1: Rules and Regulations

All rules are subject to change if needed.

Anyone found to be in violation of these rules and regulations will receive a warning, and after 3 warnings you will be permanently banned from the EZL. Admins may ban someone and forego the 3 warnings depending on the severity of the issue at hand. In the EZL, we do not disrespect or harass anyone, whether they are a member or not, we show inspiring sportsmanship and we take constructive criticism well; we all have something to learn. All public posts, comments, and chats are required to be PG friendly. Therefore, the following behaviour is not allowed, among other things. Continue reading “EZL Rules And Regulations”