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Roles in Vainglory: Jungler of the Fold

Jungling is a role that combines the qualities of both a carry and a captain, due to the fact that a jungler can both deal damage but also act as a supportive tank for your team. Junglers can also make plays and affect the entire outcome of the game. Aggressive junglers like Mango and VONC have made the importance of the jungler position clear to the community of Vainglory.

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Flexible Heroes

Vainglory is a strategy game. From the moment you accept the match, everything you do matters; from hero picks, roles, and builds to every small move you make on the Halcyon Fold. This will be even tougher in 5v5 on the Sovereign’s Rise, challenging how flexible players are and pushing them to their limits. Never fear though, because we are here to help! Continue reading “Flexible Heroes”