South American Draft League – Season 2

EZL is delighted to announce that Season 2 of the EZL Draft League has begun in South America! With more than 450 people applying to participate, competition for spots in the league was fierce, as everyone wanted to get in on the action. After the draft, 16 teams were formed, and have just now begun to battle it out. Over the next eight weeks, these teams will continue to clash, hoping to claim a share of the massive 65 000+ ICE prize pool on offer.

The teams will be split into two divisions: Aquarius and Taurus. After going through the two weeks of balancing, then completing the five-week regular season – which consists of a round robin stage of teams divided into subgroups, with teams switching subgroups depending on their results – the eight teams with the highest number of points will enter the week-long playoffs. Points will be awarded depending on the number of series won by each team during the regular season, with each series being best-of-three. When the league heads into playoffs, the format switches to single-elimination. Series will remain best-of-three in the playoffs until the final, which will become a best-of-five battle for the championship. This format promises to bring us plenty of action and intense dueling!

This second season of the South American Draft League has plenty of competition. According to the Head of SA, Painkllr, teams to follow include:

  • Princesas Divinas – Captain: OneForAII
  • LosSacoWeas – Captain: FerchoStyle
  • Team Sin Mar – Captain: cdBiohazard

Meanwhile, there are a couple of star players who will be competing in this iteration of EZL! From those three teams listed above come RY4NX, Matalex and SirApple respectively, who all have professional experience and are known to be some of the best players on the SA server. Watch out for these teams and their stars to shine!

Just as is currently occurring in the EZL NAes Draft League, some of the matches in the SA Draft League will be streamed by partnered content creators of EZL. Once again, check out and follow the Twitch channels of Fonclais (, iStephanieMoreno (, and RamKaos ( – these guys will be streaming a number of exciting series throughout the season!

The second season of the EZL SA Draft League is shaping up to be truly amazing. Stay tuned and support the teams as they all look to win the championship!

Aquarius Division Standings

Taurus Division Standings