Roles in Vainglory: Jungler of the Fold

Jungling is a role that combines the qualities of both a carry and a captain, due to the fact that a jungler can both deal damage but also act as a supportive tank for your team. Junglers can also make plays and affect the entire outcome of the game. Aggressive junglers like Mango and VONC have made the importance of the jungler position clear to the community of Vainglory.

Jungling is one of the hardest roles to master, as it requires a player to be extremely flexible. Depending on the situation, your team may need a jungler to act as a carry and output high damage, as a supportive tank to hypercarry your carry, or even something in between. Sneaking into the enemy jungle, waiting in a bush to catch an enemy off guard, stealing objectives or leading ganks against the opposing team. These are all game-changing moments that are mostly performed by the jungler.


The Plays

In team fights, junglers are expected to eliminate the enemy carry. But that does not mean they should rush at the enemy blindly. Each of the jungler classes have a different play style. Knowing these different play styles is the key to winning any team fight and ultimately winning the match. Try to play your hero in the role that suits it, for example, don’t keep an assassin in the middle of a fight for long, or let a bruiser remain at the edge of team fights. Let us have a look at these different play styles and how do they affect the outcome of the match.


As the name implies, these guys are tanks and are always at the frontline of team fights, often dishing out medium-high amounts of damage. This class covers a wide range of heroes due to the fact they can play as a secondary protector by peeling for their carry, and punishing enemy heroes that overstep. Eg: Grumpjaw, Reim, Glaive, Rona, and Joule.


These guys are a little squishy as they have less health but great burst damage. They often jump in and out of teamfights, try to avoid sustained fighting, and eliminate the enemy carry then use their high mobility or even stealth to get away. Eg: Taka, Blackfeather, Reza, and Koshka.

Ranged Junglers

Ranged Junglers are almost as squishy as assassins but they deal substantially more damage. Protecting them is key to winning teamfights as they have the ability to eliminate enemies from a distance. Ranged Junglers include both snipers and mages. Eg: Petal, Kestrel, Skye, and Samuel.

Petal, Koshka, Grumpjaw - Vainglory Jungler Heroes (Design made by Ryoshin of EZL)
Vainglory Jungler Heroes: Petal (Ranged Jungler), Koshka (Assassin), and Grumpjaw (Bruiser)


Must Have Qualities

Now that we have understood the different types of junglers, let’s have a brief look at the qualities that every good jungler must have. Mastering these qualities will help you become the best jungler you can be, as well as increase your overall success rate as a jungler. These duties should be understood by all roles, not just the jungler.  The following are the different qualities that a jungler must have.

  1. Rotations and efficient farming
    As a jungler, you need to know when to help your team in the lane, or when you should invade enemy jungle to pressure your counterpart. Knowing when and where to rotate is learnt purely from experience as a jungler. Generally, you should help out in lane when the enemy lays siege to your turret or freezes lane away from your carry.
  2. Jungler interrelationships
    You have to outwit the enemy jungler to succeed in your role. If you are vulnerable to the enemy jungler, try to farm safely and ask your captain to lay down vision and support you if possible. When necessary, the jungler can also buy flares and scout traps himself. If the enemy jungler has a weaker early game, try to gank him, and generally be aggressive and deny him his own jungle. Farm wisely as the monsters closer to your base give more gold and experience than the monsters closer to the jungle shop, so always secure the backs. Only steal your enemy’s base camps if: a) You know the enemy is busy elsewhere and b) You can get back safety before the enemy returns. If your hero is good at ganks, like Joule/Glaive, don’t forget to gank the enemy carry. These early kills will help your team get ahead of the enemy.

  3. Allowing your Carry to farm up
    Being the jungler doesn’t mean that each and every farm in the jungle belongs to the jungler alone. You should sometimes allow the laner to farm your jungle for the experience and gold if they need it, or perhaps to get some health back by killing a Treant. Sometimes, even a captain may need that heal.

  4. Jungle ganks
    Sometimes it is good to invade enemy jungle early on in the game, but only if you and your captain are confident you can beat the enemy Jungler and captain in an early game team fight. Taking this advantage can lead to winning more team fights later in the game due to having a gold lead that you steal from the enemy jungle.

Junglers are a crucial part of Vainglory, and a good jungler can make or break the game. In the end, the only way to become a consistently dependable jungler is to practice. Practicing ganking, rotations and initiations will hone your jungler instincts, and make you a supportive rock for your team.


Written by DarkRaider27
Edited by DarkSquall

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