Announcing the inaugural NAes Draft League

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EZL is excited to announce the beginning of Season 1 in the NAes Draft League – a new division of EZL created specifically for our Spanish-speaking members who play on the NA server. We received almost two-hundred applications to participate in Season 1 of NAes! After completing the draft on the 14th of May, eight teams of four players have been formed – all of whom will be competing for a share in the total prize pool of 31 000 ICE. Check below for the distribution of ICE, which will be awarded according to the final placings of the teams.

Place ICE
1st TBC*
2nd TBC*
3rd TBC*
4th TBC*
5th TBC*
6th TBC*

*EDIT: After the publishing of this article, ICE distribution for NAes was revised and is currently being finalised. Correct ICE distribution will be published in the near future.

NAes Draft League is in a round robin format, and will last for seven weeks (not including the preseason) from the 21st of May until the 9th of July. Each team will play the other seven teams twice throughout the season, in a best-of-three series: consisting of a standard draft-mode match for the first two games, and a standard blind-pick match if the series goes to the decider. There will be two series for each team per week. Also, a new point system will be in play for NAes, with three points given to winner of each series and zero points given to the losing team. Standings in NAes will be determined by the number of points each team has gained.

This upcoming season looks to be competitive and full of thrills! According to the Painkllr, the man in charge of the league, EMMANUEL1’s team Asesinos de Élite is quite possibly the one to beat. Also, watch out for JoshuaAlonso’s team Rhino Rampage, which is set to make a big splash. Top players such as AndroiDe29 from Rhino Rampage, and Elcocoxd and Deivid11057 from Asesinos de Élite are shaping up to star for their respective teams.

A number of NAes matches will be streamed by our partnered content creators – Fonclais (, iStephanieMoreno (, and RamKaos ( – and casted by Reckoning35. Every broadcast will be hosted by one of these amazing streamers; be sure to check out their Twitch channels and hit that follow button! This Friday, on the 26th of May, there will be two matches streamed live on RamKaos’ channel, so tune in and enjoy the action.

NAes Draft League is an exciting new development in EZL, and we wish the members and captains competing the best of luck. May the best team win!

Point Standings

Team Rosters

*The point standings and team rosters are hosted and will be updated on Toornament, a website and app that allows organising of tournaments such as the NAes Draft League. Search for Toornament in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store to download the app, then search for “EZL Draft LEAGUE NAes”  – or visit the above link.

Rules (Español only)