EZL Master League: Kind of a Big Deal


During the establishment of EZL LLC, we were focused on bringing an experience like never before to the Vainglory community. One of the first things you may think about EZL is our slogan: the League for Everyone, and that’s what we’ve created with our unique EZL Draft League in regions across the world. Now, it’s time to review one of our other endeavors. EZL Master League represents the team-based leagues that we want to provide for all players, and we’re currently nurturing it with all of our attention.

EZL Master League is different kind of tournament to the EZL Draft League. Rather than signing up as a solo player, you must signup with your in-game team – this allows players who’ve practiced and played together for months to put their synergy to the test, and possibly take home massive rewards.

Right now, the EZL Master League is our biggest project and prize pool yet. The minimum prize pool for each region is an enormous 150,000 ICE! In each region, there are at least 32 teams competing in an eight-week regular season to claim a spot in the playoffs, which are held in a single-elimination format.


The Master League has three stages during the league. First, the pre-season. During this part of the league, it’s important to show your team’s skill level and perform well in your placement matches, allowing the league to be balanced accordingly. Second, the regular season. The core stage of the competition, each team must push themselves to win as many series as they can in the hopes of qualifying for a spot in the playoffs, as well as winning ICE.

During each week of the regular season, teams are placed into divisions of eight. They are then placed into brackets within their division, and verse each other in multiple best-of-3 series to decide the winner of their respective division, who is rewarded with ICE. Divisions are also adjusted as needed during the regular season, depending on results. Every match counts if you hope to make the playoffs!

Playoffs are the final phase of the EZL Master League. While the Master League begins with at least 32 teams, only half of these teams will qualify for playoffs. The 16 best-performing teams will be seeded into brackets, and attempt to proceed through the single-elimination playoffs to claim a share in the final prize pool.1 At this stage, there is no room for any mistakes, as losing a single series means you’re out of the competition!

Master League Update:


It’s exciting to be able to say that EZL Master League is occurring in the following regions: EU, NA, NA en español, SA, and SEA. To recap what’s happened already, SEA Master League is currently in playoffs, running from August 28 – September 6! Stay tuned to find out who will become the eventual winner. Meanwhile, NA Master League has had more teams sign up than we expected, with 48 teams confirmed and ready to compete. This means that the prize pool will reach a crazy total of 216,000 ICE available to win during the tournament! NA is very close to commencing. Lastly, Master League applications for the EU, NA en español and SA regions are still open! Make sure to take part in this amazing opportunity to test your team’s abilities while winning prizes at the same time.


For applications to join the EZL Master League, you are required to fill out a form, which can be found on the EZL website homepage: http://ezlgg.com/. Afterwards, you must confirm your team in the EZL BAND: http://band.us/@ezl.

1 = Prize pool is subject to change or readjustment depending on regions. Prizes for winners are sent after the league is complete.