Join the draft! EZL needs you! – A Grimm Guide

Welcome to the first official Grimm Guide by Grimmely! Also known as DatGrimmGuy. This article will begin to introduce you to EZL by covering the following topics:

The draft, teams and trades, season breakdown, and match information.

Before I continue check out the following links, also special thanks to SuperTac for editing the article!

EZL Twitter

EZL Discord

First of all, where do I start?

As you look around our twitch and discord mildly confused you’re probably wondering what the hell is this? Where do I start? Where do I begin?

As a newcomer you have lots to learn, let’s start with roles.

In the draft there are two main roles:

  1. The Captain

The captain is the one in charge of running their own team, responsibilities include:

  • Arranging appropriate dates and times with other teams.
  • Practicing with your team (daily or weekly, Captain’s choice)
  • Taking part during draft day to choose your team (5 members will be chosen)
  • Choosing who plays and sits out (Eventually each player must play at least once)
  • Most importantly: Helping out fellow teammates as they grow and become better players.

2) The Member

The member is your average player, the guy who is chosen by the captain and plays when needed. Members have it easy and are here to have fun. Responsibilities include:

  • Respecting your captain at ALL times
  • Practicing with your team
  • Trying your best
  • Staying active

If you’re only here for the fun and games, I suggest you start by becoming a member.

By becoming a member of EZL you are eligible to be drafted, which leads to playing games, and eventually winning prizes.

Here is a breakdown of the draft:

On draft day, the first day of pre-season, captains draft five players from the pool of applicants. Drafts will be in serpentine fashion. Serpentine fashion is where a random order will be given to the captains a day or two before the draft. They will make the first round pick 1-32 and then go back 32-1, then 1-32 and 32-1, etc. All picks are final and players may not be replaced with anyone outside the team – except in the case of a player breaking a rule, which will result in the player being removed from the league or moved by trade. Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

Let’s recap what you have read! In EZL their are two roles, the captain and the member. The captain is the head honcho, while the member is the grunt. Captains  arrange games with other captains and run practices. Members show up at practices and play matches on assigned dates. Members are drafted on the first day of the pre-season. Teams are final and only changed under special circumstances. Hmmm. Sounds exactly how a regular soccer game at school might work right? Exactly. Here at EZL we don’t want to make everything complicated and only understood by the pros, we want everyone to feel welcome and have fun. The draft is here to help provide organization and prevent unfair teams which is DEFINITELY not fun.

Members should also realize that a season is a long-term commitment and should be prepared to spend time with EZL. Each season consists of a time equal to each in-game season. For Vainglory, each season is approximately 3 months. The goal is to have 32 teams per season, but this number can be shifted around to make sure that everyone has a chance to join in. To help you get a better understanding of just how much time a season might take here’s a quick breakdown:

1-2 Preseason weeks – Build synergy with your team and practice for the regular season.

4-6 Weeks of regular season – Matches will be assigned at random. Standings will follow a score where every game will be counted and the seeding for playoffs is determined by Wins/Losses.

1-2 Weeks of Playoffs – At the end of the regular season, all teams will clash it out in the Playoffs for a chance to enter and win the EZL Championship and receive top-notch prizes. Playoffs will be single elimination and each match is a best of 3. The first and third game draft order will be decided by the higher seed of the regular season.

1-2 Weeks of post season – During the postseason All-Star games will be played where all participants and fans will vote for the most wanted players on the website. Each subdivision of the league will play against the other. This is also where Top 8 captains get to stay for next season and the others are removed but are able to apply again if wanted. Post-season is also where captains begin scouting the Draft Pool for the second season.

Now you future members out there should have a comprehension of EZL. Being a member once myself I realize we are all greedy individuals (for the most part) So to answer your future question, YES there are prizes. BIG Prizes. ICEY Prizes. Prize information is listed at the beginning of a season. Our first season had a total ICE Pool of 144,000.

If you’re ready to become a member and believe you’ll have fun here (Which I can guarantee 🙂 go ahead and apply here

The following is for all those aspiring leaders and captains.

Briefly mentioned earlier, Captains have many responsibilities and weight to carry on their shoulders. Unlike members captains are not all accepted. Our acceptance process requires time and patient.

Why you ask? Well since captains are in charge of so much we can’t have irresponsible people taking up these slots and ditching on us when the going gets rough.

Once again here are the responsibilities of a captain:

  • Scheduling players for matches according to match schedules and player availability. The captain is not required to play in every match.
  • Staying active and practicing with team regularly.
  • Providing a friendly learning environment for other members.

Captains are allowed one trade during the preseason and one more before the midpoint of the regular season. (Trades must  be confirmed by the other captain and an admin)

While the captain has complete control over his team, the kicking of a member is not allowed. Teams made in EZL will be kept only on the website and not in game. Your in-game teams may remain as you wish. As mentioned before, Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

As a Captain you are required to join an extra discord server in addition to the main EZL server. This server is where you locate other captains to schedule match dates. Matches should be posted to a specific channel (More information about arrangements will be given once you become a Captain)

Now I understand just like members,  captains like prizes as well. I know this from experience, having run a season one team. In addition to receiving a share of prize pools, Captains are given complimentary ICE (in-game currency).

Well that’s all for now, if you still have questions you can either message a staff member in our official discord, or email me at [email protected]