Immortals on the Warpath

Immortals are now living up to their name. After a defeat at the hands of Los Baboons (now Echo Fox) during last season’s Challenger’s Split, they hit what seems to be their lowest point. Soon after, changes had to be made, and the Captain and Jungler (Vains and Aloh4) were dropped from the roster. Coach SuiJeneris and Laner DNZio were kept to rebuild the team. Surprisingly, Immortals acquired Hammers’ Jungler ttigers (proven aggressive jungler who won the first Vainglory live Championship), the new Captain MaxGreen (a “sleeping giant” of talent). They also acquired a newer face called Xelciar as a sub, and have thus brought new life into the team. Immediately following the news, this team was undoubtedly seen as being capable of easily making it through the Vainglory Invitational Series (VIS) league brackets to jump back into the Vainglory8 (VG8).

Although their previous roster seemed to be brimming with talent, they were unable to perform up to their capabilities. Aloh4 admitted that the team had failed to practice and had grown somewhat lazy with their commitment. However, maybe bringing on new players is what will get the team up and running once again. TSM Captain FlashX even commented on his stream, predicting the team was going to destroy their way through into the VG8. He even went as far as claiming they will be a top 4 team, saying they are at the same caliber as TSM and Cloud9.

When the tournament began, they did not disappoint. Going undefeated in sets, they were quick to make it to the #1 seed at the end of the bracket. Taking sets against strong teams, they defeated Intensity, Tribe, 2-0’d Misfits and 3-0’d Rogue in their finals set.

Finally, this past weekend, the stage was set. However, Vainglory’s new semi-round robin setup would not make it any easier. To clarify how Challenge matches worked in the past, challengers would choose which of the bottom 3 VG8 teams to square off against on a first come first serve basis that took into account their seeding. So, it went about last time that Los Baboons being the second place team chose to take on Immortals, and won the set.

As shown last weekend, the Challengers’ teams would need to play twice on day one. Then, provided there was still a chance they could still make it through based on points, again on day two. In their first match of the day, Immortals found themselves against NRG and were able to 2-0 them with relative ease. Game one saw them take 17 kills and only dying once while also not dropping any turrets. Game 2 saw both teams in a stalemate situation where neither team was able to accumulate a large amount of kills or map control, but NRG ended up losing at the end. Sadly they lost 0-2 against Hammers offstream.

Finally, in their last match Immortals would look to take revenge on Echo Fox to get into the VG8. The first game looked dismally one sided as Immortals was able to take early game kills and by the 18 minute mark, take all of their opponent’s turrets, while only losing one themselves. All that was left was another teamfight, winning it and taking the game. Echo Fox put up a good fight up until the midgame of game two, where Immortals were able to eventually take map control, a small gold lead and push with Kraken.

Immortals is now back in the VG8 and will look to prove themselves against everyone with their aggressive jungle pressure and early game control capabilities. With the schedule in the upcoming weeks pitting them up against TSM, Cloud9 and Hollywood Hammers, we will see if they meet the expectations they have set on themselves. They are now, without a doubt, a team to watch.

Written by: Ryann17, Edited by: DarkSquall