EZLBot Update 3.0 is the biggest update to the Bot yet. We have had so many changes that it is no longer even possible to say that it is the same bot. In fact, the bot was completely rebuilt from the ground up. We wanted to make the bot be able to scale and grow much bigger and faster so that we can process over 1100+ servers. Thats right EZLBot is now in over 1100+ servers. There are 15 huge features in this update and to make it easy to see all the awesome stuff. We will be posting a explanation of each new feature right here so hit that subscribe button to learn all the hidden cool toys of EZLBot.

The first feature we will discuss is Draft. EZLBot now shows Draft features show you which heroes are banned, which heroes were selected and which Skins were chosen. View it in details in the Telemetry of your match data. Please enjoy this first feature of many more to come.

See you next time with the second feature explanation.