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Looking to promote your guild, team, organization, videos, streams, tourneys, giveaways, articles to hundreds of discord servers with thousands of users, then send @Skillz4Killz a message in our discord server at For now, it will be free as we are testing the promotions feature to make sure it is not spamming servers. 

General Bot Commands

Command Description Example
$help Sends a list of commands to your Private Messages. $help
$help command Shows detailed explanation of you to use a command. $help stats
$about Shows a small description about the bot and gives information about the bots status. $about
$invite Gives you this link to invite the bot with ALL permissions. $invite
$inviteperm Gives you this link to invite the bot with permission you pick and choose to give. Go to the link and get the number you wish for and use the link to invite the bot with it. Replace the number below.

$prefix Select whatever prefix you would like to use on your server for the bot. $prefix !
$report Type in a message you would like to send to the developers. Please keep this only to reports on errors, bugs, problem you encounter such as someone else authenticates your account, someone else takes your guild name etc… $report message

Vainglory Commands

Command Description Example

General Stats

$saveVG Allows you to save your Vainglory IGN and region so it will know who you are and you can use any command on any server the bot is in. $saveVG Skillz4Killz na
$stats Shows the stats of a player by default for last 31 days in all game modes. Filter to the game mode you would like. NA region is set as default. Why? Because NA > ALL hehe. Real reason so Spies never has to type his region 🙂 $stats SpiesWithin na ranked
$matches Shows the last 50 matches of a player. Provides 2 reactions which you can click to view other matches. $matches ClarkthyLord
$latest DM(optional) Shows a detailed version of your latest match. If you add in DM it will send a detailed version of the match to your DMs. $latest physix eu DM
$player Shows the lifetime profile of a player. $profile Kashz NA
$compare IGN region IGN region Compare 2 IGNs $compare Skillz4Killz na L3oN eu
$sample region Get the average statistics shown to you per region. $sample na
 $auth IGN region  Bot will send you a DM explaining the process of how to authenticate your account permanently. $auth Skillz4Killz na 


$profile Begins a series of question that you will respond to with the reactions, majority of questions have been automatically answered by you authenticating account. Without an account being authenticated, MatchMaker will not function. If you wish this can be done in DM to maintain privacy. Re-do the command to reset your profile. $profile
$queue Places you into the queue to find other players that match your requirements. The color on the embed will indicate how much you match. Yellow being the lowest to Red being the highest match. You will also see other players profiles but will not see their complete IGN.

You can use the reactions to swipe left or right to find players in $queue that match you until you find the one you are looking for. Click the Green checkmark and it will send a message to the player in their discord notifying them with your info and an invite to the HH discord where you can meet for the first time in forever.

$cancel Removes you from queue. $cancel
$karma After playing with a player in queue, you can leave feedback on the player whether it is to give a thumbs up, down, or leave a message. EZLKarma will affect the MatchMaking of a player to help non-toxic players be matched much more. Be careful, too many reports of toxicity may lead to question your sanity and have the bot give a detailed check on your karma. $karma


(Will become much more detailed and automatic when API gives Guild data)
$createguild Allows a person to create a guild in the database with a name and region of the guild. SERVER OWNERS ONLY. $createguild We2Sexy NA
$promote Allows the guild creator to promote certain people to have great power and with great power comes great responsibility. GUILD LEADER OR OFFICERS ONLY. $promote Kewy Officer
$guild name Shows the information of each guild member and their position. $guild We2Sexy
$openguild Allows you to have people in your server to join your guild by typing the join command. GUILD LEADER OR OFFICER ONLY. $openguild We2Sexy
$joinguild IGN Allows a user to join the guild. REQUIRES ACCOUNT AUTHENTICATION COMPLETED. $joinguild Kashz
$leaveguild IGN Allows a user to leave their current guild. REQUIRES BEING IN A GUILD. $leaveguild ClarkthyWithin
$kickguild Allows you to remove someone from the guild. GUILD LEADER OR OFFICER ONLY. $kickguild Skillz4Killz
$addguild IGN Add a member to the guild, some people have difficulty following instructions so now you can add them yourself. However, their account must be authenticated. GUILD LEADER OR OFFICER ONLY. $addguild SpiesWithin
$war Takes your guild to WAR! Begins the search to find a guild of similar skill level using a multitude of variables not just skill tier. GUILD LEADER OR OFFICER ONLY. MUST HAVE 30 PEOPLE IN GUILD. Prizes to be determined.

All guild members will be asked to join the HH discord at and they will be assigned the War-Time role. When 3 members from each guild are online in the Enter Guild War voice channel, the bot will DM all of them to do a Bo3(subject to change) Draft mode attack with the 6 members. Then the bot will automatically move each team to their respective Guild War Channel where the teams can duke it out. Each victory will give 1 point and after the pre-determined time period, default 24 hours, the guild will be victorious. To be qualified for prizes there must be 24 unique individuals participating in a war with  12 players from each guild and there must be at least 7 Bo3 series played.
Keep in mind this is going to improve drastically as we get feedback and slowly improve it.



Discord Commands (coming soon)