A New Partnership: EZL and Uproar!

Everyone please welcome Uproar to the EZL family!

EZL is excited to announce a brand new partnership between ourselves and the gaming website company Uproar! We are truly humbled that the team at Uproar sees the potential of EZL and has partnered with us. EZL sends a massive thanks to everyone at Uproar for giving us this opportunity. The entirety of EZL is extremely excited and can’t wait to show how amazing this will be for both of our companies. With this partnership, together Uproar and EZL will be able to soar much higher and faster than ever before.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure to learn about Uproar, go check out their website to learn everything in detail.


Learn more about this process at Uproar to start winning real life rewards. It is as simple as connecting your game accounts and playing games to achieve those quests. In our opinion, it’s one of the most ingenious ideas we’ve ever learned of, and Uproar is building it phenomenally well. We are super excited to help grow the awareness of Uproar by expanding it to all members in EZL. However, not only is it an awesome site that rewards you for playing games, it’s also a brilliant site for hosting tournaments.  EZL and Uproar work unbelievably well together – our synergy is unmatched. We’ll now be able to provide our members some really cool features during tournaments that you won’t have seen before: be ready!

What does this mean for EZL and our members?

EZL will now begin hosting all its tournaments on Uproar and allow players to win awards from Uproar as well.The EZL Community on Uproar is where everything will be conducted going forward and we are super excited to get started. This partnership will allow EZL to start growing at an astounding rate, which means bigger tournaments, bigger community projects and much more.

This is only all possible because of Uproar, who have been amazing. Let’s go make an Uproar about this new partnership!