Phase 1: Preparation

Applications Close

On December 30th, 11:59 PM EST, Member and Captain applications for Season 1 will be closed for the North American Region. These applications are closed 48 hours before Draft Day so that Captains have adequate time to scout every applicant and not be surprised by last minute applications.

Draft Order

On January 1st 2017, Admins will enter all the Captains into a randomizer which will give the draft order. It is done 24 hours in advance so that Captains can prepare a draft strategy depending on the number they received from the randomizer.

Draft Day

On January 2nd, Captains will begin picking their players in a serpentine fashion. This means the captain given the first position will make their first pick, then the second captain will pick until the last captain. Then the second round begins from the last captain and works backward and the cycle repeats until every team is full.

Week 1

The first week will be known as Pre-Season. For the first week this will be shortened due to the holidays which delayed the Draft Day. This week will be only 4 days. This time is given to the teams to practice, get to know each other, set up their discords/bands or any form of communication that they wish to choose. Furthermore, the schedule for all the matches of the Regular Season will be given to all the Captains so they can schedule* their matches ahead of time.

*Note: These match times can be re-scheduled with 24 hours notice.


There will be two applications that become available on Jan 3rd. The Free Agent pool is a pool of players who can be drafted if an emergency occurs and a team is short a member for any reason. The Free Agent Application is for players who joined or heard of EZL after the season has already started, so instead of having to wait 12 weeks for the season to end, they can choose to be a free agent. Furthermore, at the same time, the North American Season 2 Member Applications will open.


Phase 2: Match Time

Week 2-Week 8

These weeks are known as the Regular Season. Each teams will be assigned to play 2 matches against one enemy team and 2 matches against another enemy team each week. The total number of matches will be 14 matches. These matches, no matter if lost or won, do not remove a team from the EZL. The seedings for the Playoffs will be derived from Win/Losses, but if there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be decided by the statistics sheet which will find which team has the highest amounts of points. If the statistics sheet is also a tie, a randomizer will decide which team will be seeded where.


Week 9-Week 10

These weeks are the Playoff weeks. These matches are played in a Best of 3, single elimination format, meaning if you lose the Best of 3, you are out for that season.


First place team will receive 2/3 of the ICE Prize Pool.

Second Place team will receive 1/3 of the ICE Prize Pool.



Weeks 11 and 12 are known as post season. During these weeks the top 8 Captains will be asked if they wish to stay on as Captains for the second season and all other members and captains are removed. If you are not a top 8 Captain, your Captain position is removed but you are most welcome to apply again for the second season as a Captain. Scouting will once again begin for the second season and take place during these two weeks.