EZL EU Season 1 Information

Week 1: 25th January – 31st January

All teams (placed randomly in groups) play against each other in a simple round robin. Teams will play 3 matches (bo3) against each other. Teams earn 3 points for wins and no points for losses.

Gameplay Example: pos1 will play against pos2, pos3 against pos4, pos29  against pos30, pos31 against pos 32, and so on. This is considered a balancing week to find seedings.

Week 2: 1st-7th February

First and second classified of each subgroup (i.e. Aqua 1 and Aqua 2) will get pos1, pos2, pos3 and pos4. Third and fourth will get pos5 to pos8 and play against each other the same way as first week. This is considered a balancing week also.


Week 3: 8th-14th February

The first and second teams of each subgroup 1 will play in the same group. The same goes for the third and fourth of another group, the first and second of each subgroup 2, and so on. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Week 4: 15th-21st February

Same as week 2. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Final Tournament: 22nd-26th February

Double elimination bracket with the best 8 teams.


28th February – season end


Winner of each group gets 3 points and while the second place team gets 1 point for global classification. The 8 teams with the most points will play in the final tournament to compete for the season championship and the big prize. The other teams will be able to play in a different bracket for a lower prize.


Prize Pool

80,000 ICE Pool


-All matches will be a BO3.  The first two matches will be in draft mode. The third match will be blind pick, although teams may choose to do draft mode if both agree upon which team is team A. If no agreement is made, the match will be blind pick. Only 3vs3 is allowed.

-Team on the left or on the top of the bracket will be team A in the first game and team B in the second. Third match will be as explained above.

-Captains will agree on a day and an hour to play matches before the deadline. We highly recommend taking screenshots of this agreement.

-If both teams do nothing to schedule, they will get 0 points. If both try to meet, do their best, but schedules don’t match at all, it will be considered a tie and they will get 1 point each. If only 1 team tries to schedule the match and play and the other doesn’t answer, they will get a win.

-Waiting time. Teams must be online and ready to play at the agreed date and time. If a team does not have 3 players available to play the match 10 minutes after the agreed time, the complete team can take screenshots and claim for the victory in that match 2-0.

-Connection problems: Every player has to make sure that they have a stable internet connection to play Vainglory without any issues. If someone goes AFK, it’s their own responsibility.

-Results must be reported in battlefy.com with their screenshots uploaded.

-We also need the screenshots for the Stats Department, so don’t forget them!

Brackets [Week 2]: