These are the Rules and Regulations and can be referred to by any member to contest or uphold decisions made by other players, the community, or its leadership.

Section 1: Rules and Regulations

All rules are subject to change if needed.

Anyone found to be in violation of these rules and regulations will receive a warning, and after 3 warnings you will be permanently banned from the EZL. Admins may ban someone and forego the 3 warnings depending on the severity of the issue at hand. In the EZL, we do not disrespect or harass anyone, whether they are a member or not, we show inspiring sportsmanship and we take constructive criticism well; we all have something to learn. All public posts, comments, and chats are required to be PG friendly. Therefore, the following behaviour is not allowed, among other things.

  • Profanity
  • Slurs
  • Player shaming
  • Nudity
  • Inappropriate behavior

Section 2: EZL Explanation

The EZL is a league intended for any competitive player from any skill level. In the EZL, a draft will be done near the end of every season to prepare the teams for the next season.

Scouting Period:

The weeks before the draft will be known as the scouting period. During this period Captains will be granted access to all the applications that have been sent in. They will then go through each application and decide to contact each applicant and scout each one by asking further questions, playing with members, or any other form of scouting they wish to conduct.

Draft Day:

On Draft Day, all Captains will be online on discord and on stream to make sure the entire process is held fairly. The order of the draft will be decided a few days in advance and will be completely random. The draft will occur in a serpentine fashion in order to keep it fair.


Once teams have been made, each team is given 1-2 weeks of preseason to prepare for the season. During this time, teams should feel free to practice as much as they would like, and begin to build synergy as a team.

Regular Season:

Each team will be playing against 2 other teams every week. All teams will be required to play 3 games against every other team. Game 1 and Game 2 will be draft with teams switching sides of draft between each. Game 3 will always be Blind Pick. Each game will count towards the Standings, which will be used to decide the seeding for the Playoffs. The better the team does during the regular season, the easier the road to the Championships will be for them during the Playoffs.


Each team will be seeded into a bracket determined by the standings of the regular season. The playoffs will be played in a Best of 3 Single Elimination format. Once you lose, you are out. Winning gets you into the next round, and closer to the championship.


The league consists of two types of members, they are known as Captains and Members.

Responsibilities (All responsibilities are subject to change as needed):


  1. Keeping up to date with all changes, announcements, and important matters and making their team aware of all such things.
  2. Taking screenshots of post game scoreboards, whether it is a victory or not.
  3. Scheduling match times with other captains and reporting each match time.
  4. Keeping teammates aware of all match times.


Trading is allowed until the midway point of the Regular Season. A trade must be a 1 for 1 trade. Teams are limited to 1 trade in the pre-season, and 1 trade during the last week before the the midway point of the Regular Season.


Again, all of the rules and regulations are subject to change as time goes on. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you on the Halcyon Fold.