EZL EU – Season 1 – Final Tournament

With our first EZL EU League Season- I coming to an end, we are happy to announce the participants who got all the way to the final tournament ! After a grueling 4 weeks of intense matches, the following 8 teams have proven their skills and earned their spot for the chance to win the “ EZL Champions “ title and a Grand Prize of 21000 ICE just for the winning team (overall prize pool is 80.000 ICE)

List of teams & their captains in the Grand Finale of EZL :

  • Pulse of Vain led by Tim9999
  • Team Incredibles led by to8andBEYOND
  • Premium Gaming led by kurti
  • Lethal Beasts led by StillNo2
  • M.E.G.A led by Keygasza
  • Team Up led by to8andBEYOND
  • Ashes Reborn led by  Radicis
  • Demonic Souls led by SatanReaper

The tournament will be played from the 24th (Friday) to the 26th (Sunday) and will be streamed on Twitch.

Special Shout-Out to Captain to8andBEYOND who worked hard and managed to get both of his teams to the finals! (Team Incredibles and Team Up)

Thanks to EZL EU Division Head: ToYo and to his right hand AniMaL for providing and checking the information used in this article.

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