EZL EU Master League Season 2

EZL is delighted to announce that Season 2 of the EZL Master League in Europe is about to begin! All 32 teams and their rosters have been confirmed and locked in, ready for the competition to commence. This season is sure to be full of intense battles and close series, so be sure to follow the action on Twitch, where the matches will be streamed when possible.

You’ll notice that the top Challenger team in EU, Team Queso, has joined the Master League this season. Recently, they defeated Echo Fox to win the special Challengers Cup in Los Angeles. With massive ICE rewards on offer, will anyone be able to threaten the prowess of this top-tier team? A couple of well-known players such as WalDeMar and xKartanesi will be hoping that their squads will be challenging for the top spot; however, be sure that you don’t disregard the large number of high-tier teams in the league, who certainly all have the potential to dominate!

The league’s matches will be in a single-ban draft format, with each series a best of 3. Timeliness is essential to a scheduled match, with instant forfeiture being the punishment for tardiness. During the series, substitutes of members can be made between games, however they must be listed on the 5-man roster submitted at the beginning of the league. Any disputes are required to be reported and resolved with assistance from the EZL Europe staff.

The tournament will be hosted on Uproar, an online gaming website that allows us to host the league and connect to the API. If you haven’t already signed up, be sure to go check it out! On our EZL Uproar community, the schedules, rosters and other information will be visible, as well as a number of fun events that will be held during the season.

The EU Master League is again split into 4 divisions of 8 teams: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. After a regular season of 8 weeks, the top 16 teams in the competition will head into two weeks of playoffs. Even more ICE will be on offer for the final weeks of the league, and personal pride is on the line. Who will take away the championship and bragging rights at the pointy end of the season?


Spacers ENVi ESPORTS Blood Crows eMonkeyz
Zoldyck Clan EstaToFlamasSuuuu Magic Cloud LesFraternelles
4HunGamers GORENIME ProMans ROX eSports
HARD PARTY Jungle Raptors Lotus Impact Team Minotaurs
Noob Corporation Oviedo Gaming Team CloudStorm The WanTed Sigma
The Nightmare Tr Wayabos Exile Squad THN Envy
DarkCheetahVG Fallen Underdogs Team Renaissance Kun Fe Yekun
Gythian Team Team Queso Mean Kitties Nemesis ESport



EZL EU Master League Season 2 Calendar