EZL Bot Info

First of all, thank you so much for using EZLBot. We love all our users and built it for you. You are awesome!

This document is to help you regarding each step of customization and using the bot properly. Please go through the document carefully to understand how to use it correctly.

How to Invite


One Click Invite and Setup
For a one step quick invite EZLBot to your server, please click invite.

Getting Started

From EZL comes the Bot for every gamers needs, introducing the one, the only EZLBot.

If you want to help develop the bot, please contact Skillz4Killz on Discord. Due to the fact that EZL is run by gamers, for gamers our bot team is involved in this project 24/7, improving and providing new features just for you.

Developers & Contributors


Skillz4Killz: Twitter








dpp2000: Twitter


ravi0the0sun: Twitter

Will you be the next?


System Commands

Here you will find any and all system bot commands.

$help Displays help for a command. Duh
$info Provides some information about this bot.
$invite Displays the join server link of the bot.
$ping Ping/Pong command. I wonder what this does.


Here you will find any and all commands related to Vainglory.

$stats See your stats based on the matches made in last 28 days. You can also filter by game modes.
$api Checks the status of Vainglory API per region..
$compare Command Description
$matches Get your VG matches here
$player Get your VG Profile here. Just type $player
$savevg Save your IGN.!


Here you will find any and all commands related to EZL and all its glory.

$ezl Learn about EZL.
$schedule $schedule in the proper channels in the regional servers to schedule your match 🙂
$requests Make a request of a department 🙂
$rules Want to read the EZL rules? Want to show others the rules. Type .rules 🙂
$timezone See Converted Time Zones For A Given Time


Here you will find any and all commands related to fun commands.

$choice Makes a decision for you given some choices.
$coinflip Flips a (pseudo) fair coin.
$dogfact Gives you a random dog fact.
$magic8 Magic 8-Ball, does exactly what the toy does. (Results may vary)


Here you will find any and all commands that fit your generic usage of the bot.

$about Learn about the bot and see its stats.
$contact Need to contact the developers? Reporting a bug? Sending a suggestion?
$donate Wanting to donate to help EZL grow and achieve its vision? Here is how you can make it possible.
$server Gives information about the server that the command is typed in.
 $user Find out information about a user by @ them.

How To Donate

To donate please use go to our Patreon or our PayPal.