Damage & Defense 101: Slumbering Husk

Welcome to the first article in Damage & Defense 101! D&D 101 will be a series of articles that will cover the investigation of various defense items and how they affect damage received. These will mainly be tailored for carry (i.e. both Laner and Jungler) players who need to decide which defense item(s) to add to their builds in-game. For a general guide, please see MrTouchnGo’s A Guide to Situational Items for Carries.

This article will be covering one of the four newest items on the Halcyon fold in Update 2.0 — Slumbering Husk! This item is pretty cool and makes some interesting changes to build optimization in terms of defense. So let’s take a look at the item:

Slumbering Husk


  • 400 Health


  • Taking 20% of your max health in damage over 1.5s fortifies your remaining health for 1.5s (45s cooldown).

Build Path: Dragonheart + Recipe (950 gold)

Cost: 1600 gold

Stat Comparison:

Item Health Cost Cost Effectiveness
Slumbering Husk 400 1600 0.25
Crucible 600 1850 0.32
Reflex Block 200 700 0.28
Shiversteel 500 1450 0.34
Dragonheart 400 650 0.61

Stats-wise, Slumbering Husk isn’t exactly the best thing out there — 0.25 health for each gold spent doesn’t seem like a good way to put your money on. But wait! Its passive is the main gimmick to look at here. Fortifying your entire remaining health for a short period of time? That means halving the damage received from all damage sources.

Damage Reduction Comparisons

Alright, alright. I hear you calling out for proof. So let’s take a look at some numbers I churned out using the formulas used to calculate defense.

To make numbers simpler, we’ll be assuming that the target hero is a generic Level 12 hero with a defense of 86 armour and shield. The following table shows how much percentage of damage is actually taken when a hero has Slumbering Husk’s passive in effect, compared to Aegis and Metal Jacket — two alternative defense options for carries.

Holy Kraken, Slumbering Husk is overpowered! The fortified health from Slumbering Husk alone already reduces more damage than an Aegis or Metal Jacket. In fact, a hero with Slumbering Husk with Metal Jacket takes the same amount of crystal damage as a hero with two Aegises! One item rendering a hero able to tank some good damage from both crystal and weapon sources, talk about hacks…

Warning! Slumbering Husk is not that overpowered…

Before you run off and start grabbing Husks, wait! Remember that Slumbering Husk’s passive only takes effect when a hero takes a fifth of their health in damage over 1.5 seconds. That’s a whole lot of health if you run it on a Level 12 Glaive — you need to take 500 damage in 1.5 seconds!

Slumbering Husk is a great choice for squishy heroes with low base health such as Petal, Celeste and Gwen. Slumbering Husk is even better on carry Adagio or Lyra —  squishy heroes whose healing abilities scale with health. Slumbering Husk’s passive is also harder to proc the more defense you buy on your hero, so consider carefully before including a second defense item in your build.

Also, remember that the fortified health passive from Slumbering Husk only lasts for 1.5 seconds, and has a cooldown of 45 seconds. That means that Slumbering Husk is the counter to bursty heroes such as crystal Joule, crystal Kestrel and Koshka. These heroes deal large amounts of damage in short periods of time, which means that Slumbering Husk’s passive is perfect to counter these enemies. So if you’re playing a slightly more tanky hero like Ozo and you run across an enemy “IMMA FIRE MAH LASER” crystal Joule, Slumbering Husk would deny them from being able to take you down in one shot.

On the other hand, Slumbering Husk is not as good against heroes who deal Damage over Time (DoT), such as Krul and Petal. So even if you play a squishy carry, you might want to consider getting an Aegis, Metal Jacket or even an Atlas Pauldron when going against these DoT heroes.


Good to Buy Against:

  • Bursty heroes
    • Gwen
    • Koshka
    • Crystal Kestrel
    • Crystal Saw
  • Heroes with burst ultimates
    • Crystal Joule
    • Celeste
    • Crystal Taka

Not as Good to Buy Against:

  • Heroes with good poke
    • Skaarf (Spitfire)
    • Baron (Porcupine Mortar)
    • Idris (Chakram)
    • Samuel (Malice and Verdict)
    • Skye (Forward Barrage)
    • Weapon Kestrel (Glimmershot)
  • Heroes who deal Damage over Time (DoT)
    • Krul
    • Petal
    • Reim
    • Weapon Glaive

Good to Buy On:

  • Squishy heroes (with low base health)
    • Petal
    • Gwen
    • Celeste
    • Ringo
  • Assassins (who dive in and tend to be targets of enemy fire)
    • Koshka
    • Blackfeather
    • Taka

Not as Good to Buy On:

  • Tanky heroes
    • Glaive
    • Lance
    • Joule
    • Phinn
  • Heroes who already have abilities to provide fortified health
    • Phinn
    • Reim
    • Ozo
    • Rona
  • Captains (They’re supposed to prioritize utility items!)
    • Catherine
    • Ardan
    • Flicker
    • Lance
    • Lyra
    • Phinn
  • So, uh, obviously don’t buy it on Phinn. Please.

Some last advice

While Husk’s passive is in effect, no fear just fight! Rush in and make full use of that fortified health! Similarly, if you play against a hero with Slumbering Husk, poke a little first to activate Slumbering Husk, run away and then then jump right back in once the fortified health is gone!

Happy hunting! Thanks for reading!

physiX (@physiX_VG)

Valkyrie Valhalla Guild

9 January 2017

Thanks Tranurz for editing the article and a special thanks to Moalze and Waggey for your suggestions!

If there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know!