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Set for the summer? A preview of Vainglory8 North America

With the Vainglory Summer season starting this weekend, it will be interesting to see which North American teams go on to become the next champions. Quite a few changes happened over the break between the Western Unified Spring Championship and now. These team changes, acquisitions, and roster alterations have made the outcome of the North American Vainglory8 far less predictable than in the past.

The Unified Live Champions Cloud9, and the team that took out 3rd place, TeamSoloMid (TSM), have not seen any changes to their starting rosters. Therefore, in conjunction with their dominant performances in the Spring Vainglory8 season, we can expect both these teams to stay out the front of the pack. Look out for them this weekend as they face off against each other.

Coming up behind them, I believe that GankStars and the Hollywood Hammers will continue fighting fiercely, and will round out the last of the top 4 spots. However, both teams have seen roster changes, and it is not clear as to whether this will help or hinder their performance. Hammers’ new jungler is now Arkaik, a role that was previously occupied by ttigers. GankStars, on the other hand, have had to let go of their old roamer R3cKeD, and brought in former Immortals roamer Vains. While the abilities of Vain have been seen before, Arkaik has yet to prove himself; however, he now has an amazing opportunity to do so in Vainglory8. If Arkaik synergises well with his team, Hammers may taste the success that they couldn’t achieve at the Unified Championship, in which they were knocked out in the first round by Immortals. On the other hand, GankStars’ overall play style will likely not change much, but it will be interesting to see if Vains’ style of roaming will match former roamer R3cKeD’s aggressive style.

Next up, I believe that out of the bottom four teams, Tempo Storm has the highest chance of success. They have already experienced the Vainglory8, and their starting roster is still the same, which may be a considerable advantage. Furthermore, while they were promoted last season from the Challengers battles, they were then able to build up enough points to avoid the relegation spots that demoted Rogue, Tribe, and Immortals. However, having been 3-0’d by GankStars at the Unified Championship, it is still unclear whether they will ever be able to perform well against the top 4 teams.

Finally, NRG, Nova Esports, and EchoFox are the teams I’m hoping will surprise us the most. As none of these teams have taken part in Vainglory8 in previous seasons, there is no telling who will succeed, but it will be intriguing to see if they can shake up the standings. For anyone who might be confused at the moment, allow me clear up the team changes. NRG was previously a Vainglory Invitational Series (VIS) Challengers team, but acquired LOS BABOONS, who defeated Immortals. Nova Esports was formerly Rage Pingers, who knocked out Rogue. Lastly, the new EchoFox roster is made up of the acquired team Giraffes, who defeated Tribe Gaming to secure their spot in the Vainglory8. In my honest (and biased, basically because I’ve watched the stream of Nova captain ‘starboi’) opinion, I believe that of these three teams, Nova will definitely be the team to watch this upcoming weekend, especially once we consider that they were ranked first in Challengers.

Summer season in North American Vainglory8 is set to be a blast! What are your predictions?


Article written by Ryann17 and edited by DarkSquall

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Unravelling Update 2.6

Hey everyone! Time for EZL to breakdown Vainglory’s Update 2.6, in which we are introduced to the paladin of Gythia, Grace. She’s able to eradicate her enemies with her mace, while at the same time continually lowering her ability cooldowns with her heroic perk. She also comes packed with massive single target heals and the ability to generate holy shields to protect her team. Be sure to grab her for ICE to get ahead of the rest of the pack, and don’t forget about her Talents!


Along with the new hero, we’re going to see a few new skins rolling out. The most notable of these is for the ever elusive pilot Skye, who’s now going to be grounded with her ‘Ride or Die’ skin. The Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) team is really stretching their fingers with this never-before-seen model change, redesigning the mech to transform into a sports motorcycle! Make sure you grab the smoke-trailing, blue and purple laser shooting skin for ICE, or if you’re feeling lucky, take your chances with the special Ride or Die Mystery Chest, which offers a 1/20 chance of grabbing her skin!

Next on the list is ‘Evolution’ Samuel, rocking a binary Vainglory logo… we get it SEMC, you’re showing off. Check out the mage fully immersing himself with technology, with cyborg prosthetics and pixelated abilities. It’s the beginning of the end, don’t miss your chance to join him. Grab his skin for 1499 ICE or his skin and Talent bundle for 1999 ICE!

It seems Krul isn’t the only deathless character out there now… introducing the Slavic ‘Deathless’ Reim rare skin! Make sure you grab this withered skin in game, featuring an ice forged staff and a helmet adorned with golden wolves.

Last, and definitely not least, we’re introduced to ‘School Days Koshka’, the latest installment in the School Days set of skins. Available for purchase either directly or in a Talent bundle, you don’t want to be late grabbing this fuzzy pawed feline, equipped with danger claws and kitty face stockings. This frenzied character is one you definitely want on your side – trust me, her claws don’t get trimmed often.

Market Improvements

Aside from the new skins, we’re going to see a few market improvements. Vainglory welcomes back the old Mystery Chests (Thank you PlayoffBeard!), so when you want Talents you’ll need to buy a Talent Chest, as Mystery Chests now contain heroes, skins, glory and opals only. Also, for those of you who accidentally wasted all your glory by bulk buying that epic Saw Talent, ‘hold to confirm’ is now set up to stop this from happening again!

Live Game Improvement

Vainglory is moving onto their next view for 2017! With Talents already out, it’s time to see our live game improvements. Replacing the question ping is now a verbal cue for our question mark spams: the message button. Now you can tell that feeding Ringo to buy some defense, your drunk Ardan to grab some vision, your jungle baby Reim to push the lane for the win, and much, much more. Tired of roamers buying 12 minute fountains, or not getting an Atlas Pauldron early when there is an enemy Saw? How about having your weapon power teammate build a Poison Shiv because an Ozo isn’t leaving you alone? Well now you can let them know by suggesting ANY item to a specific teammate during the match.

Not only are item suggestions now a thing, but so are cooldown messages. Wanting to tell your team to wait before engaging because your ult isn’t up? How about timing everything for the perfect Impale & Big Red Button combo? Well now, with the push of a button, you can let your teammates know how long it will be until you can Bangarang or Gauntlet to shut the enemy team down. It seems SEMC is really listening to us, especially with them also bringing back our three quest slots again! Hello more rewards!

Briefly touching on Blitz: are you tired of going 0-4 but putting in 12 objective points on your own to win the game? Blitz is now going to show individual scores instead of KDA so you finally can get the recognition you deserve. Additionally, Talents get a nice change, as you’re now able to see them on the hero select screen. It’s great for those of us who forget which legendary talents we own.

But we’re missing the big point, the Summer season is now on! Use those season payouts to grab the hero you’ve been drooling over, or even max out some Talents to dominate brawls or private matches with friends. Bigger payouts are heading our way this season, so make sure you get your guilds leveled up this season! Of course, let’s not forget the soft reset of Visual Skill Tier (VST). When you log-in after the update goes live, you’ll see a drop of about one skill tier (with the change being higher or lower depending on your decay and overall tier), but don’t worry! If you don’t feel like grinding your rank back up to Vainglorious, your highest tier is still immortalized in your trophies. Additionally, for those of you who either plan on jumping into the pool with your phone in your pocket – or do so without meaning to – your skill tier now has a decay floor! This means that VST won’t decay indefinitely, so if it takes a few weeks to get a new phone, Hotness players won’t find themselves back at Credible Threat.

Matchmaking Changes

Here’s something that everyone really cares about: changes to matchmaking. Update 2.6 introduces a new matchmaking algorithm, so be on the lookout for fairer matches and shorter queue times (Enmitous: Thank goodness, no more 30 minute waits in queue… *shudders*). Vainglory is also one step closer to reintroducing the ‘one tier’ rule, meaning players can only create ranked parties with friends either one skill tier higher or lower, which looks to be an important step forward for fairness while ranking.

Hero and Balance Change


  • The monster of solo queue, Baron, is getting his basic attack weapon damage nerfed from 130% to 125%… trust me, that smaller rocket launcher will feel a lot less powerful.
  • Aggressive Flicker mains rejoice! Mooncloak is getting a huge decrease in cooldown.
  • Grumpjaw was hurting a bit too much a bit too quickly, and without repercussion. Now, he’ll eat you less often and won’t retain his Living Armor stacks for as long.
  • Kestrel is next on the list, and we can now look forward to a longer Adrenaline duration  – meaning you get a better chance of reducing your energy costs – with her Glimmershot reload time also being shortened significantly.
  • Krul hasn’t been played much in recent metas, so it’s time to get him back out on the Fold. Higher base weapon damage and a shorter ‘From Hell’s Heart’ cooldown gives him a much stronger early game to keep up with everyone.
  • SEMC finally saw that Lance was boasting a bit too much Crowd Control potential. To correct this, his Gythian Wall cooldown has been extended. Also, Lance apparently wasn’t doing enough damage after his Combat Roll, so be expecting slightly harder hits from that Tension Bow-building Lance.
  • Samuel has always been able to dish out some serious damage, but absolutely needs his Drifting Dark, which KILLS his energy, especially when partnered with spamming Malice and Verdicts. Now, energy cost of his A has been lowered substantially, so expect more damage coming your way before Samuel runs out of energy.
  • Lastly, it seems Vox has remained slightly stronger than intended, so a little drop on his attack speed to bring him in line with other heroes should balance him out nicely.


  • Poisoned Shiv is the only item being adjusted this update, being nerfed from 35% attack speed to 30% to make it more situational rather than the singular most powerful option in many cases.


  • Blitz is also receiving a balance change with a weakened middle sentry, as it was hitting a bit too hard.


  • Numerous talents received buffs and nerfs, including Idris’s crazy Path of the Seeker, Blackfeather’s Hummingbird Heart and Alpha’s Core Overclock, which were all reduced in effectiveness.

Update 2.6 is a huge update pushing Vainglory towards its second big goal in 2017. SEMC have really listened to us when making changes and improvements, which bodes really well. Hopefully, we’ll see many more community ideas rolling out in the future, as we get closer to the much-anticipated release of 5v5.

Article written by Enmitous and KerryX, and edited by hoIIand

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Looking at the Laner

Who is the best laner in the world? Before Worlds, everyone had a different opinion. Laners such as Cloud9’s Oldskool (formerly of GankStars), TSM’s BestChuckNa and GankStar’s IraqiZorro were often mentioned in the debate, due to their high level of play across the board. However, following Phoenix Armada (now Invincible Armada) taking out the championship, it has been almost unanimously established that the true star laner of Vainglory is Druid. Surprisingly, many of us hadn’t even heard of him previously due to his team competing on the East Asian​ server. Sporting a 17.36 KDA ratio and averaging 147 CS per game, while also holding the #2 world rank on VGPRO and winning 98% of his ranked games, Druid is an unrivaled star whom no one would want to verse in ranked queue. Judging by his impressive accomplishments, I believe that everyone can learn more about laning by watching him in action and imitating some of his habits – according to my teammates, I definitely should. In this article I’ll be referencing some of his matches in public ranked queue. Let’s break down what it means to be a laner, and what it takes to be the best laner in the world

The Role: An Overview

In Vainglory, the laner, also known as the carry, is basically responsible for being the highest damage threat on the team. As the name “carry” implies, the laner must often carry their team to victory. In order to do the most damage, they need to obtain as much gold as possible, allowing them to buy tier 3 items as soon as they can. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable of the capabilities of their opposing laner, as well as always thinking about where their team and where the enemies are on the map. To simplify, there are three main areas where you must be proficient:

  1. Accumulating gold through a variety of methods
  2. Being map-aware
  3. Understanding hero matchups

1. Being greedy for gold

As a laner, you must acquire as much gold as you can in order to buy items and dish out as much damage as possible. How do you do this?

  • Last hit consistently: simply put, you need to time your attack to kill the minions in lane by looking at their health-bars (when they turn orange, one basic attack will kill them). If they are killed by other minions or the turret, you don’t receive any gold. High CS (creep-score, the number of minions you kill) is vital as a laner.
  • Control the minion wave: this refers to either pushing the wave forward by farming quicker (or with minion candies) or strictly last hitting and letting the wave come closer. This can make it much easier to last hit minions, and allows you to manipulate lane pressure. For more info, refer to this awesome article on BrokenMyth. (
  • Share farm with the jungler: probably the hardest of the steps, a good laner will attempt to gain gold not only from his own lane but from one or both jungles. Now let’s look at Druid doing exactly this.

At this point in the match Druid had just returned out onto the map after shopping at base. Seeing that his jungler was going to clear backs and the lane was in a good position, Druid decides to take farm with samuel. Now, this is a relatively difficult strategy to implement, because it requires that the laner keeps up with the junglers rotation, the jungler doesn’t get tilted by his laner “stealing farm” (in solo queue, this can be avoided by just picking up ambient gold), and the support stays in the lane to hold the minion wave. I have implemented this particular strategy into my laning gameplay, and it has helped me stay close to a perfect CS in many games.

2. Thinking about the map

As a laner, it’s imperative you always know what’s happening on the map. Map awareness helps with knowing when to rotate into jungle, and ensuring you aren’t ganked by any pesky junglers (i.e. that annoying Taka who keeps two-shotting you). Always remember to:

  • Check the minimap for enemy movement: this tip works better if your Captain has set down consistent vision, but you may be able to spot your enemies if both junglers are at shop. Keeping tabs on your enemies allows you to do decide if you should act more aggressively or if you must play passive. Further on in the article is an example of how Druid was able to do just this.
  • Keep an eye on the junglers’ rotations: attempt to coordinate your minion wave control with your jungler’s movement. Furthermore, you can gauge where the enemy might be if they have been clearing their jungle faster than your jungler.

In the match shown in the above pictures, Druid had just destroyed the choke point turret and was chasing a kill on Skye. On the map you can see that Ardan and Taka are in the enemy jungle as they had killed the other two members of the enemy team, and were clearing the backs. Therefore, Druid knew that he could have a 1v1 fight against the Skye without worrying about any other enemies.

Furthermore, in this other picture we can see Druid is taking the enemy backs while his team pushes the turret.

Prior to him rotating into the enemy jungle, his team had engaged their opponents and forced them back to spawn. This allowed Druid to obtain more farm because he knew his team was pushing lane and the enemy team wouldn’t be able to reach their jungle. Taking this kind of information and using it to capitalize on advantages is how Druid is able to consistently be aggressive and successfully build leads.

3. Knowing both thy enemy and thyself

As a laner, a big part of your role is outperforming your opposing carry. In order to use the correct amount of aggression in the lane, and to know when to chase a kill and when to play cautiously, the laner must look at whether they have an advantage or disadvantage against the other laner and the enemy team.

  • Take stats such as range and fire rate into account: someone like Adagio can have an advantage over Gwen in terms of range, but Gwen has a higher potential for bursting you down.
  • Look at itemisation of the enemy laner. A crystal-power Vox is a big threat in a team fight, but not in a 1v1. Conversely, a weapon Vox is very strong in a 1v1, but can also be melted down easier as he needs to stay closer to the opposing team. Also, depending on whether your opponent buys pure damage, or buys items with lifesteal will affect your playstyle and own itemisation.
  • Beware of ganks: a great tip is to think about how the enemy might want to kill you. If you know the enemy team has a Glaive or Catherine, then you don’t want to get in range of their stuns, or need to be ready with a Reflex Block. However, if the laner is someone like Gwen (who has the shortest range) with a Reim jungling (slow with a short engage range) the enemy will try to bring the minion wave closer to their turret where they can quickly dive on you for the gank. You need to be thinking about that possibility in such a matchup.
  • Consider the potential of enemy abilities: for example, a Skye cannot harass with her Forward Barrage if there are lane minions between you. Also, a Skaarf will try to use the Spitfire and his Goop together on the minions, so it would be wise to stay away from them and force him to decide between wave clear or attempting to trade damage. In the following scenario, Druid uses his knowledge of the enemies abilities to score some kills.

In these pictures, it’s evident that Druid was not at all afraid of the enemy Skye. He was aware that as long as his mechanics were quick enough, he could dodge around her Forward Barrage and blow her up. In a Skye vs Vox matchup, and indeed almost any matchup between a weapon laner and a crystal Skye, the laner must juke the Forward Barrage, fight in a spacious area to negate her kiting abilities, and try to melt the Skye before she acquires a Target Lock. In the two pictures shown, Druid had just taken damage from both the Skye and Lance. Afterwards, he had retreated back towards his captain, and having received an extra barrier and movement speed from Ardan’s Vanguard, uses it to re-engage onto Skye and Lance. Druid played to his hero’s win condition and was able to turn the tables on the other team.

After considering all the points here, I hope that you can implement some of these tips into your laning – I have definitely tried to do this myself. I know that bad teammates and ranked solo queue often go hand in hand with each other, but if we, as improving laners, attempt to emulate the best laner in the world, we will eventually find success.

Article written by Ryann17 and edited by hoIIand

Screen captures taken by author from the following sources:

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EZL Spotlight: Conociendo a Dookie Brothers

Hemos tenido el placer de conocer a las tres figuras tras el nombre de Dookie Brother, uno de los mejores equipos del servidor de SA. A pesar de haber llegado muy lejos en competiciones, en esta ocasión los tendremos en la EZL de invitados especiales contándonos un poco sobre sus experiencias como equipo y su travesía hasta el competitivo. El equipo de Dookie Brother está conformado de la siguiente manera: MiniDookie es el carry, ItaiYai el jungler y, no menos importante, SwayneyMactic el capitán.

¿Por qué iniciaron a jugar Vainglory?

MiniDookie: Comencé a jugar Vainglory por mi hermano. Siempre tuvimos una vida de gamers, jugando Mortal Combat, Battlefield y esas cosas. Nos pareció entretenido, se podía jugar de tres y ya éramos dos solo necesitábamos 1 más.

ItaiYait: Comencé a jugar por un youtuber que yo seguía. Un mes después compre un iPad y lo descargue y me vicié. Así seguí jugando y practicando con otros héroes y sigo jugando después de mucho tiempo

Swayney: Mi mamá me compró un iPad por navidad, encontré el juego en la AppStore y me llamo la atención. En ese momento era solo para iOS y lo empecé a jugar porque me gustaron los gráficos, la manera del juego y me quedé, me enganchó.

¿Qué los llevó a entrar en el competitivo de Vainglory?

MiniDookie: Comencé a jugar en el servidor SA, luego me mudé a USA y cambié de servidor. Jugando en NA comencé a jugar contra players muy buenos como BestChuckNA, FlashX y me di cuenta que le ganaba partidas. Volví a SA y conocí a itaiYai y Swayney y comenzamos a jugar. Hicimos una racha de 200, 250 ganadas con solo dos derrotas, y nos dimos cuentas que deberíamos empezar a jugar torneos

ItaiYait: Anteriormente estaba en torneos, pero nunca llegaba a instancias finales. Pasé por muchos equipos, donde en uno de ellos gané el torneo sudamericano de Vainglory Master, la gané con SrMusTer. Luego sucede lo que conto Mini, comenzamos a jugar juntos con su hermano MegaDookie y luego incluimos a Swayney que termino siendo el titular del equipo.

Swayney: Yo jugaba las tres posiciones, cuando volvió MiniDookie de NA él jugaba mucho con Itai y siempre ha sido mi amigo y él en una ocasión me invitó a unas partidas con MiniDookie mientras su hermano MegaDookie no estaba. Comenzamos a jugar y jugar, a tener sinergia, habilidades juntos, así nos unimos más y más.

Individualmente, ¿Cuáles piensan que son sus principales fortalezas y cuales sus debilidades?

MiniDookie: Yo tengo una fortaleza que también considero mi debilidad, me considero un jugador muy agresivo. Muchas veces esa característica me ha llevado a ganar partidas. Normalmente siempre soy agresivo en la línea, en cierto modo eso hace que otros players tengo un cierto respeto por mi cuando estamos en partida. Una de mis debilidades es que me centro mucho en mis ideas, en mis calls y en ocasiones puedo errar en una. También soy un poco individualista en los drafts.

ItaiYait: Mi fortaleza es que me considero muy versátil en cuanto a usar héroes se refiere. Una debilidad seria me pongo muy nervioso cuando juego torneos, cuando sé que las otras personas son buenas y sé que será difícil me pongo muy nervioso. Aunque ya lo he controlado, en este torneo he jugado mucho más concentrado y un poco más calmado.

Swayney: Una fortaleza mía puede ser el tiempo que tengo jugando y he podido ajustarme en todas las posiciones del juego. Entre mis debilidades cuando pierdo por errores mínimos me frustra, luego de hacer una buena partida y luego por un error mínimo perder me hace molestar.

MiniDookie: Nuestra fortaleza como equipo es nuestra habilidad, somos los tres jugadores muy habilidosos. Nuestra principal debilidad es que como somos tan bueno individualmente no trabajamos tan bien en equipo en algunas ocasiones, cada uno hace bien su trabajo, pero al momento de dar los focus o algunas rotaciones nos perdemos un poco ahí.

¿Qué desafíos han afrontado hasta ahora?, ¿cuál ha sido el más difícil?

MiniDookie: Uno es las peleas entre nosotros mismos, que alguno de nosotros se les ha dificultado llegar al torneo, que ha tenido lag al momento de las partidas. La otra sin duda es el lag de esta parte del Servidor, jugadores de Chile y Perú se nota que estamos muy alejados del mismo, que se ubica en Brasil. Hemos tenido que jugar con 180, 300 ms (Como Swayney que jugo con 300 en el último partido contra RED). Nos ha afectado al competir contra equipos brasileños que pueden kaitear y juegan con 20, 30 ms.

ItaiYait:  Básicamente, problemas personales o de conexión. Nos ha llevado a tener muchas discusiones entre nosotros.

Swayney: El principal problema sigue siendo el ping, comparado con los otros equipos de SA tenemos igual de habilidad, cada uno tiene lo suyo. Son pequeño detalles que hacen frustrante la experiencia en el juego.

¿A dónde quieren llegar en un futuro?

MiniDookie: Nuestro sueño es ir al mundial, es el sueño máximo. Representar al servidor. Por eso iniciamos en Vainglory, al principio fue por diversión, al danos cuenta que éramos uno de los mejores equipos del servidor y ganar la mayoría de partidas que jugábamos, se nos vino a la cabeza que era un sueño que podríamos cumplir. Al comienzo había mucha diferencia con otros equipos en el servidor como Zonic o como RED, pero ya ahora ya no, ahora es algo real, algo que puede suceder y algo que probablemente suceda. Apuntamos a jugar el mundial, a jugar campeonatos en vivo.  Quizá ganar uno de los tres Arena Vainglory que se van a disputar a lo largo del año.

¿Cuál ha sido el mejor momento jugando Vainlory juntos?

MiniDookie: Sin duda lo más divertido que hemos hecho como equipo son las llamadas de discord, la pasamos muy bien fuera del competitivo, hemos hecho bromas, nos reímos siempre. Hemos tenidos alto y bajos, pero los hemos sabido superar y aquí seguimos juntos.

ItaiYait: Creo que el mejor momento que hemos pasado jugando Vainglory, fue todas las partidas que hicimos en verano del año pasado. Somos bastante buenos para molestarnos entre nosotros, nos gusta reírnos. Somos amigos Swayney y yo desde enero de 2015 y nos conocemos bien, Mini se adapta muy bien ya que tiene una personalidad parecida a ambos y hace bromas con nosotros.

Swayney: Nuestros mejores momentos fueron en verano. Más que todos hacíamos llamadas mientras jugábamos para reírnos y tener momentos graciosos, chistes y uno que otro día estábamos en torneo, hacíamos pequeñas bromas aun sabiendo que teníamos que ser serios.

¿Algún consejo para las personas que quieren mejorar en Vainglory?

MiniDookie: Yo soy principalmente línea, y lo principal que hay que saber es dar los last-hit, tratar de mantener un farm de 10 o 12 cs por minuto o lo más alto posible sin perder minions. Luego de aprender el last-hit, aprenderse las rotaciones del jungler para calcular cuando puede venir a gankear a la línea, intentar hacer los 1 contra 1 el otro laner.

ItaiYait: Mi consejo es conocer el tipo de héroe que llevas, si es early o late game, para saber cómo farmear la jungla. Otro punto importante es conocer al jungler enemigo saber si es early o late para saber si tienen posibilidad de invadirte o de que existan fights en los primeros minutos. También tener comunicación constante con tu equipo para que te digan si el capitan enemigo no está en la línea, el Laner bajo a la tienda a comprar y ese tipo de cosas para saber cuándo es bueno invadir o cuando no.

Swayney: El capitán tiene que tener visión desde el inicio, los primeros 2 o 3 minutos son cruciales, saber si tu jungla es buena invadiendo o es mas de jugar pasivo porque es late. Si es early deberías acompañarlos para aprovechar esa pequeña ventaja que tienes en los primeros 5 o 6 min al comienzo de la partida. En el late game debes poner muchas minas, ya que esta la Kraken y de por si, habrá muchas fights. También hay que tener ojos en todas partes, tienes al menos 4 objetos que activar y mil ojos en las team fights. Siempre debes proteger al carry, es el héroe más débil pero el que hace más daño. Cuidar al carry es lo principal y tratar de dar bien los ítems.

Desde la EZL les deseamos la mejor de las suertes al equipo de Dookie Brothers en la actual competición del Arena Vainglory y que sus metas se cumplan en un futuro cercano.

Escrito por: Painkllr, Editado por: Fredykrueger, Reckoning35

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Trouble for the pro teams

Obstacles that Pro E-sport players face within Vainglory:

Possibly the greatest thing SEMC have done for the Vainglory community and the future of the game was making it more accessible to compete with the higher skilled teams. Through their VIS and VGL series teams in NA and EU can sign up to play compete against other hopeful teams. Those that make it through then have a chance to face the pros. I myself am currently working on honing my skills enough to compete,  and so are many others. So if a professional team starts showing they aren’t cut out,  there are many others ready to take their place.

With the ever steady growing numbers within the Vainglory player base and how the Vainglory 8 has been laid out,  with more pro organizations joining the Vainglory competitive scene,  there seems to be less opportunity for teams to join the Vainglory 8 league. After Vainglory World’s,  five major e-sports organizations joined the scene and had rosters for teams within Vainglory 8 with the exception of NRG who picked up a team in the VIS league. Now,  due to the Vainglory’s system of allowing other teams to earn a spot in the Vainglory 8,  it may be possible that three pro teams from NA and three from EU will lose their spots. Which,  as a team is never something you want,  especially if you just joined a pro organization.



What will the challengers matches tell us?

So what can we draw from this so far? Well many of these teams may just need time and practice to perform greater than they currently are,  especially on the new update. However,  it may be too late at this point if a team gets relegated. Furthermore,  It means that challengers teams whether in a pro organization or not,  can still be strong enough to compete.

What I hope to see

As has been evident in the past,  whenever a challenger team makes it into the Vainglory 8 they tend not to perform well enough to stay above the bottom three spots and are soon overshadowed by the other teams. One team that comes to mind as having succeeded is the SNOW team which won a live event. However,  there are more teams in the recent seasons that make it in and don’t fare too well against the rest of the 8 like Fates Zero,  Ardent Aurora,  Necrolyte,  and Nemesis Titan to name a few. So, with strong teams having performed in the challengers and making their way to the split like Late Cobras and Fluffy Chickens I hope they can perform well enough to make a name for themselves if they make it into the Vainglory 8. The same goes for NA challengers, especially with teams that have experienced players like Liberation X (ethree6,  PONtheoriginal,  Statusbaked,  MARTOHHH),  and One Piece 101 (Polifive208, lostboytoph, selenagomez, MonkeyDLufffyy) to name a few.

Now that’s not to say that teams haven’t done well in the Vainglory 8. In NA,  Ardent Aurora and Nemesis Titan did make it to the live Summer finals but lost most of their matches and didn’t perform to the capabilities we have come to know. In the EU Summer finals,  Rising Lotus lost all of their matches. As of late however,  it seems that for EU,  even the bottom three teams seem to fare better than the bottom three from NA. In the current EU standings,  Rising Lotus lead the bottom three with 8 points,  Denial with three,  and Mouse with 0. However,  the gap between one team and the next is not that great and doesn’t exceed five points. In NA,  the bottom standings are as follows: Immortals with five,  Rogue with 4,  Echo Fox with 0 and Misfits with 0. From their it gets worse for the challengers as the gap from Immortals to Gankstars is an 11 point leap. Furthermore,  The top NA team has 27 while the top EU team has 19 points. So it seems that for EU,  it would be easier to climb up the ranks from the bottom three.

In the case that no challenger team manages to break through and (more importantly) maintain their position in the Vainglory8,  it may mean that the gap between pro teams and challengers is larger than we think!


Article written by Ryann17

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2.2 Patch Analysis: Stuffed with Changes

Patch 2.2 is bringing a lot to Vainglory: an improved map, a new hero, and lots of balance changes. This article will aim to provide a quick overview of these changes, while also analysing them to see what their consequences will be.


New Hero



Role: Tank/Warrior
Position: Captain/Jungle

Living Armor (Heroic Perk): Grumpjaw’s hardened carapace grants him increased defenses. Every 5 seconds and every time he basic attacks, he gains a stack of living armor, up to a maximum of 5 times. Each stack grants 10 armor and shield. Enemies can destroy this armor by dealing damage to Grumpjaw. He loses one stack per second while taking damage from attacks and abilities.

Grumpy (A): Grumpjaw charges forward, stopping just short of the target location. Upon arriving, he slashes the area in front of him with his mandibles, damaging and slowing enemies he hits. This ability deals additional damage for each stack of Living Armor Grumpjaw has.

Cooldown: 12-11-10-9-8
Energy Cost: 50-60-70-80-90
Range: 10 (all levels)
Damage: 75-125-175-225-325 + 50% CR
Bonus Damage/LA Stack: 20-35-50-65-95 + 10% CR
Slow: 55% (all levels)


Hangry (B): Grumpjaw leaps toward his target and attacks them. Afterward, he gains bonus weapon damage and attack speed for several seconds.

Cooldown: 9 (all levels)
Energy Cost: 30-40-50-60-70
Bonus Speed Duration: 4-4-4-4-5
Damage: 5-25-45-65-85 + 80%
Attack Speed: 60-75-90-105-135%


Stuffed (ULT): Grumpjaw lunges forward, grabbing the first enemy hero in his path and devouring them whole. While the enemy is inside Grumpjaw’s belly, they are unable to move or act and their vision range is reduced to 0. After 3 seconds, Grumpjaw will spit the enemy out in the direction he is facing. Grumpjaw can reactivate the ability to spit the enemy out early in a direction of his choice. If Grumpjaw is stunned, killed, or otherwise interrupted while eating, he will release his victim early.

Cooldown: 60-50-40
Energy Cost: 50-60-70
Damage: 400-550-700 + 200% CR
Stun Duration: 3 (all levels)



Grumpjaw Hero Spotlight:




Grumpjaw will definitely be a threat on the Halcyon Fold in update 2.2. He can reposition an enemy by eating and throwing them to his team. As a support, he will synergize well with WP laners such as Ringo and Vox, who can burst down the desired enemy after Grumpjaw coughs them up.

Moving on to his jungle carry path, he is a menace with both weapon and crystal builds. The 700 damage + 200% Crystal Ratio on his ult is not something you want to mess with as a squishy laner. Shatterglass, Aftershock, and Broken Myth are all great crystal items to try on Grumpjaw.

On the weapon side of things, Grumpjaw’s B ability allows him to burst enemies down, especially after spitting them out. Because of the attack speed buff on his B ability, attack speed items are not very important. There have been many successful Grumpjaw’s who build Sorrowblade with two Tyrant’s Monocles, maybe you can build a bonesaw, but it is best to just tank up at this point.

Warriors like Krul and Glaive will be great counters to jungle carry Grumpjaw, this is because they can live through Grumpjaw’s burst damage from Grumpy and Stuffed when CP, and Hangry when Grumpjaw is based off of WP.




‘School Days’ Skin Series

‘School Days’ Lyra (Rare)
‘School Days’ Vox (Epic)
‘School Days’ Taka (Legendary)

This skin series is going to be very exciting! Vox shoots out ninja stars, Lyra has a new and improved book and a flashy outfit. The Taka skin looks insane! The long swords are sure to be a menace on the Fold.

‘Gladiator’ Catherine

Another hero added to the Gladiator Skin Series. New sword design, a very old-fashioned outfit and her bubble has some great design as well. Be sure to get this skin as soon as possible! It won’t be one you don’t want to have.




Daily Chests

Daily chests aren’t so daily anymore! You can now get them every 6 hours, and store up to two of them. Be sure to log on every 12 hours or so to get maximum value from your chests. SEMC also gives us a little hint in the description, “Watch for special jackpot rewards that you’ll find in your Daily Chests!” What could this mean? You can interpret it for yourself.


Hero Select Sorting

You can now order your heroes in two different ways: Alphabetical or by role. This will only be applied in blind picks. It will make blind picks a bit easier for the newer players who are trying to remember which hero typically fits which role.


Dev API Improvements

Check out these websites to see your previous matches, hero stats, game stats and much more!



Blitz Mode

More announcer lines to inform you when time is running out, for when you are too busy killing people to check the time. There are also announcer lines for other moments that happen throughout the map. There is a one minute remaining announcement, an overtime announcement, an announcement for when time is up, and an announcement when gold mine has been taken.

This is great for when you aren’t paying attention to the time left of the game. Hopefully this will help you and your team with knowing when to catch up in points or stay back and protect the win.


Ability Tooltips

You can now tap and hold on an ability to quickly see what the ability exactly does. You can also see how much bonus effects you have through health/weapon/crystal ratios on abilities.

This is a very great addition to Vainglory! We can see the exact amount of true damage your abilities deal with crystal damage, and how much health Adagio’s heal gives, and the barrier amount Ardan’s vanguard gives his allies. It happens with just a touch and hold of a button!


Crystal Sentry

Renamed to the Crystal Sentry to stop confusion between the Gold Miner and the Crystal Sentry. There are now (team specific) announcements showing how many lives are left on the sentry.

Have you ever forgotten how many lives are left on your crystal sentry? Forget no more! This change will help with keeping track of your 3 Crystal Sentry lives.


Even More Announcements!

There are even more new announcements that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Announcement at 4-minutes to show that the jungle has intensified
First blood now has team-specific announcements.

A quick change of voice announcements and team-specific first blood announcements should make it very clear when important early game events happen. This should make it clear to you which team got the first blood without having to check the scoreboard!


Items and Quick Buy

Players can now turn off the quick buy feature. In addition to this, the majority of heroes have had their recommended items changed.

Nothing to analyze here, enjoy the new recommended builds!





  • Merciless Pursuit (A)
  • Cooldown changed from 13 (all levels) to 14-13.5-13-12.5-12
  • Stun duration up from 0.7-0.8-0.9-1-1.2 to 1-1-1-1-1.2
  • Energy cost up from 40-50-60-70-80 to 40-50-60-70-90
  • Damage up from 10-50-90-130-170 to 35-70-105-140-175
  • Speed boost duration up from 1.4 to 1.5
  • Stormguard (B)
  • Deflected damage boost changed from 0-0-0-0-25% to 0-5-10-15-25%
  • Blast Tremor (ULT)
  • Cooldown down from 100-80-60 to 80-70-60
  • Damage changed from 375-500-625 to 350-500-650
  • Silence duration changed from 2.5 to 2.2-2.5-2.8



Wow! Lots of Catherine changes, and it is a pretty big one as well. Merciless Pursuit gets a stun buff, damage buff, cooldown buff, and speed buff, all for a little more energy when overdriven. Stormguard finally has deflected damage at most levels, and Blast Tremor deals more damage and a longer silence stun. Catherine certainly did not need these changes, which means she will jump right to the top of the meta again. Could we see more carry Catherine? Only time will tell.



  • Truth of the Tooth (A)
  • Energy cost changed from 35-45-55-65-75 to 40-45-50-55-60
  • Cooldown down from 13-12-11-10-8 to 11-10-9-8-7
  • Bonus damage up from 0-45-90-135-180 to 40-80-120-160-240
  • Attack of the Pack (ULT)
  • Cooldown down from 90-75-60 to 80-70-60
  • Attack speed up from 30-50-70% to 50-75-100%
  • Fortified health and summoned wolves duration down from 15 (all levels) to 10-12-14



With this Fortress buff, we might see more early game compositions in competitive play. Weapon Fortress will certainly be more viable with the ability changes as well as the attack speed buff from the ultimate. Expect a lot more Ringo +Koshka + Fortress comps in this update, it has a lot of potential.



  • Chakram (B)
  • Weapon ratio down from 125% to 100%
  • Crystal ratio up from 125% to 130%
  • Damage up from 70-115-160-205-250 to 75-125-175-225-275
  • Damage to minions up from 70-95-120-145-170 to 75-100-125-150-175



This Idris change will make CP look more appealing to the player, due to the higher CP ratio and low WP ratio on Chakram. Both sides to Idris will be viable at higher tiers, making Idris a decent flex pick in draft.



  • Shadows Empower Me (Heroic Perk)
  • Basic attacking no longer consumes his perk.
  • Slow duration down from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.



This gives Krul more options for when to engage, now that the perk won’t disappear after one basic attack. You can keep slowing your enemy after the first basic attack, so Shiversteel won’t be a necessity on Krul anymore, even though it can still be helpful.



  • Base damage down from 96-179 to 85-179
  • Impale (A)
  • Root duration changed from 1-1-1-1-1.3 + 0.15% CR to 1-1-1-1-1.2 + 0.2% CR
  • Gythian Wall (B)
  • Stun duration crystal ratio down from 0.3% to 0.2%
  • Maximum stun duration down from 1.6 to 1.4 seconds.



Lance probably could’ve used these changes, when building support CP Lance, the CC durations were quite long. You could be stuck on a wall for 1.6 seconds after being rooted in place for 1.5 seconds. You are quite helpless and the next thing you know, you are dead. This will help the problem of being crowd controlled for an extended period of time.



  • Acrobounce (B)
  • Cooldown down from 10-10-10-10-8
  • Bangarang (ULT)
  • Cooldown down from 90-65-40 to 70-55-40



Ozo is already quite strong on the Fold, but not quite in the meta. According to, Ozo has a pick rate of 5%, and a win rate of only 43% (As of 2/28/2017). Hopefully this cooldown buff can boost Ozo’s pick and win rate stats!



  • Munions (Heroic Perk)
  • Leash range down from 9 to 8
  • Munion attack range down from 1.5 to 0.9
  • Trampoline (B)
  • Weapon power amplification up from 10-15-20-25-30% to 15-20-25-30-40%



Still not a damage buff, but a range nerf to make her more vulnerable in fights in order to deal damage. Hopefully this will make Petal less of a “must ban” in solo ranked queue and more of a pick used in the correct situations. The win rate of 60%, ahead of Flicker at 53%, will hopefully go down just a bit.



  • Base energy down from 180-422 to 163-416
  • Achilles Shot (A)
  • Energy cost up from 30-45-60-75-90 to 40-50-60-70-100
  • Slow duration down from 1.5-1.75-2-2.25-2.5 to 1.5-1.5-1.5-1.5-2.5



Ringo’s weapon path has received 0 buffs this patch, making him a very viable pick in the lane. However, CP Ringo might be a little weaker due to the increased energy cost of Achilles Shot and decreased slow when not overdriven.



  • Forward Barrage (A)
  • Weapon ratio up from 50% to 70%


Skye’s weapon path still relies on basic attacks; however, this will allow her poke damage to do a little more and heroes will have enough trouble trying to tank the damage (that didn’t do much before).



  • House Kamuha (Heroic Perk)
  • Ki stacks duration up from 10 to 12
  • X-Retsu (ULT)
  • Energy cost down from 85-115-145 to 80-100-120
  • Damage up from 250-390-530 to 250-400-550
  • Bleed damage per second down from 40-52-64 to 40-50-60



CP Taka just got stronger. More burst damage on X-Retsu will make CP Taka a bigger threat than it was before, and it was kind of a big deal already. Taka may become a must-ban hero in draft, but it might not be. Experiment with some crystal paths, you never know what might work!



  • Pulse (B)
  • Slow duration down from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds.
  • Wait For It… (ULT)
  • Initial shot crystal ratio up from 0% to 20%
  • Shockwave damage changed from 200-300-400 to 100-150-200 + 40% CR.



Finally!!! CP Vox is making a comeback! It has been well over a year since we have seen CP Ratios on Vox’s ultimate, and it should be expected to see a little more of his CP side this coming update.



Poisoned Shiv

  • Weapon power up from 25 to 35.

Poisoned Shiv really needed a little buff to make it a bit more viable. It looked rather unappealing since you only gained 25 weapon power from it, now it should look more appealing in those tighter games. Remember, the mortal wounds can reduce the effect from Fountain of Renewal!


* * * *

That’s it for all the changes! All in all 2.2 will be an exciting patch with a decent shift in the game’s meta. Top heroes might not be at the top anymore, while lower ones will shoot up. And then there’s the strong addition of Grumpjaw too! We hope this article helped you grasp the changes in 2.2, but most of all we hope you’ll have a lot of fun trying it out for yourself.


Written by Playlover1 | Edited by Tranurz

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Behind the Screens – ShaDaz

Turning A Dream Into Reality

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with “ShaDaz”, the newly promoted COO for EZL to find out a little bit more about his new position as the head of the organisation. The interview, starting smooth and easy, felt like nothing more than a conversation between friends.

“Just for those who don’t know who you are, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

My name is Dan Gallagher and I am currently a college student in Minnesota, United States. I am pursuing a degree in computer science, and on top of it all, I work a full time job, not to mention EZL. Life can be quite crazy at times.


“What does EZL even mean, I don’t remember hearing the full name before?”

As much as both Skillz4Killz(current EZL CEO) and I would love to scream it out loud, I cannot say at this time.  It is a name that has not yet been trademarked, but once we have the trademark, you can be certain we will.


“Can you explain to me a little bit more about what EZL actually is, just a general overview of the organisation?”

So the best way to put EZL into one sentence would be, “The way to bridge the gap between the professional player, and the tiers below that 1%.” Most people don’t have the time to commit to making that jump from a normal high-tier player to a professional one, to be able to actually draw a salary. EZL gives those players a place to start. EZL is a system, where no matter the skill level, there is a place for anyone. The goal is for the players to work their way up the tiers, and gain the fame and recognition of a professional player.


“How is it that you came into the position of C.O.O. (Chief Operating Officer) for EZL?”

I have known Skillz4Killz (the C.E.O. of EZL) for a long time, even back before the creation of EZL. When EZL was initially created, he explained to me the vision for the company and maybe more importantly, the need for such a thing. I was first involved in EZL as a coder, due to my background with coding. Eventually though the need for someone to help share the load of EZL was apparent – it’s not a one man job. Skillz came to me with the offer, and at first I was hesitant. In the end though, I was brought in and realized this was what I wanted to do. I want this organisation to succeed, to be able to pay our staff and eventually be able to bridge the gap between the professional and the casual player.


“Walk me through a day in the life of Dan, what do you do, and why are you successful?”

Wow a day in the life of Dan that is not a question I have ever been asked before. First and foremost, organization! I have to have everything planned out and set up the day before otherwise it feels like I get nothing done. Another really big thing for me is that I push myself to learn something new every single day. If you are not constantly learning and growing, you will be the same person you are now for the rest of your life. I want to be the best leader, teacher, COO, that I can possibly be, and to do that, I feel the need to keep pushing myself to become better. Surrounding yourself with new people and different things, not only will you learn and grow every single day but you will become better. Not just as a leader or COO but you will become an overall better person.


“By what method is a person able to join EZL, as a player or a staff member?”

The easiest answer way for you to do this is just to head to our website and fill out an application. The application form will get processed by our HR department, and then sent to the respective head of department.


“eSports is not a very widely accepted genre in North America, what are your ideas on changing this?”

In the simplest terms, we are trying to change the perspective of the average person about eSports. The everyday person in North America will spend no time at all watching eSports, maybe they do not know it exists or even worse, they know it exists, but feel it’s just a waste of their time. We are not trying to replace everyday sports with eSports, we simply want the public to acknowledge, support and enjoy them. Take South Korea for example; ESports are an everyday thing over there, and yet the Korean people also enjoy watching everyday sports. It shows that they can coexist and even complement each other.


“In broad terms, what is your long term goal for EZL?

Well let’s work with a five year benchmark, where I think EZL can be in five years. Just to make a list, I feel we will be paying our staff members, incentivising our players to stay and play for us, and most importantly I think we will have a global reach. Let me reiterate what I mean, our staff  members do so much, and they are volunteers, it is not that I want to get more out of them once we can pay, I simply want them to feel appreciated and rewarded for the work they have done and for the effort they put in. As for incentives for our players, in my mind that is just as important as staff payment, without players we have no establishment. I want the players to be able to make at the very least, some money playing for us. As for the global reach, that is fairly self-explanatory. I think in five years we can have a branch of EZL in every continent that Vainglory is based in. The real “global” goal is to be in every eSport that there is.


“Are there any leaks you can give us, any projects you want to reveal?”

Well there was a leak, not too long ago on a certain Femme Fatale interview, project “Numbers”. I cannot say any more about that, but feel free to check it out. With respect to the bulk of what we are working on, it is all behind project “Prometheus”. Keep an eye out for the reveal, because once Prometheus drops, everything will flow behind it.



Once the interview was over, we stayed on Discord and chatted for about an hour afterwards. All in all ShaDaz seems like a genuine guy. Down to earth, who is clearly passionate about a company and a game that he loves. He seems to have all the qualities of a successful leader. In my personal opinion [Not bias, honest! – ed], EZL will be a company to keep an eye on, especially with the growth of Vainglory as an eSport, and eSports in general.

Christan “supertac” Weber

You can keep tabs on EZL, and what Dan gets up to on Twitter by following @EZL_Official.

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EZL EU – Season 1 – Final Tournament

With our first EZL EU League Season- I coming to an end, we are happy to announce the participants who got all the way to the final tournament ! After a grueling 4 weeks of intense matches, the following 8 teams have proven their skills and earned their spot for the chance to win the “ EZL Champions “ title and a Grand Prize of 21000 ICE just for the winning team (overall prize pool is 80.000 ICE)

List of teams & their captains in the Grand Finale of EZL :

  • Pulse of Vain led by Tim9999
  • Team Incredibles led by to8andBEYOND
  • Premium Gaming led by kurti
  • Lethal Beasts led by StillNo2
  • M.E.G.A led by Keygasza
  • Team Up led by to8andBEYOND
  • Ashes Reborn led by  Radicis
  • Demonic Souls led by SatanReaper

The tournament will be played from the 24th (Friday) to the 26th (Sunday) and will be streamed on Twitch.

Special Shout-Out to Captain to8andBEYOND who worked hard and managed to get both of his teams to the finals! (Team Incredibles and Team Up)

Thanks to EZL EU Division Head: ToYo and to his right hand AniMaL for providing and checking the information used in this article.

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Join the draft! EZL needs you! – A Grimm Guide

Welcome to the first official Grimm Guide by Grimmely! Also known as DatGrimmGuy. This article will begin to introduce you to EZL by covering the following topics:

The draft, teams and trades, season breakdown, and match information.

Before I continue check out the following links, also special thanks to SuperTac for editing the article!

EZL Twitter

EZL Discord

First of all, where do I start?

As you look around our twitch and discord mildly confused you’re probably wondering what the hell is this? Where do I start? Where do I begin?

As a newcomer you have lots to learn, let’s start with roles.

In the draft there are two main roles:

  1. The Captain

The captain is the one in charge of running their own team, responsibilities include:

  • Arranging appropriate dates and times with other teams.
  • Practicing with your team (daily or weekly, Captain’s choice)
  • Taking part during draft day to choose your team (5 members will be chosen)
  • Choosing who plays and sits out (Eventually each player must play at least once)
  • Most importantly: Helping out fellow teammates as they grow and become better players.

2) The Member

The member is your average player, the guy who is chosen by the captain and plays when needed. Members have it easy and are here to have fun. Responsibilities include:

  • Respecting your captain at ALL times
  • Practicing with your team
  • Trying your best
  • Staying active

If you’re only here for the fun and games, I suggest you start by becoming a member.

By becoming a member of EZL you are eligible to be drafted, which leads to playing games, and eventually winning prizes.

Here is a breakdown of the draft:

On draft day, the first day of pre-season, captains draft five players from the pool of applicants. Drafts will be in serpentine fashion. Serpentine fashion is where a random order will be given to the captains a day or two before the draft. They will make the first round pick 1-32 and then go back 32-1, then 1-32 and 32-1, etc. All picks are final and players may not be replaced with anyone outside the team – except in the case of a player breaking a rule, which will result in the player being removed from the league or moved by trade. Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

Let’s recap what you have read! In EZL their are two roles, the captain and the member. The captain is the head honcho, while the member is the grunt. Captains  arrange games with other captains and run practices. Members show up at practices and play matches on assigned dates. Members are drafted on the first day of the pre-season. Teams are final and only changed under special circumstances. Hmmm. Sounds exactly how a regular soccer game at school might work right? Exactly. Here at EZL we don’t want to make everything complicated and only understood by the pros, we want everyone to feel welcome and have fun. The draft is here to help provide organization and prevent unfair teams which is DEFINITELY not fun.

Members should also realize that a season is a long-term commitment and should be prepared to spend time with EZL. Each season consists of a time equal to each in-game season. For Vainglory, each season is approximately 3 months. The goal is to have 32 teams per season, but this number can be shifted around to make sure that everyone has a chance to join in. To help you get a better understanding of just how much time a season might take here’s a quick breakdown:

1-2 Preseason weeks – Build synergy with your team and practice for the regular season.

4-6 Weeks of regular season – Matches will be assigned at random. Standings will follow a score where every game will be counted and the seeding for playoffs is determined by Wins/Losses.

1-2 Weeks of Playoffs – At the end of the regular season, all teams will clash it out in the Playoffs for a chance to enter and win the EZL Championship and receive top-notch prizes. Playoffs will be single elimination and each match is a best of 3. The first and third game draft order will be decided by the higher seed of the regular season.

1-2 Weeks of post season – During the postseason All-Star games will be played where all participants and fans will vote for the most wanted players on the website. Each subdivision of the league will play against the other. This is also where Top 8 captains get to stay for next season and the others are removed but are able to apply again if wanted. Post-season is also where captains begin scouting the Draft Pool for the second season.

Now you future members out there should have a comprehension of EZL. Being a member once myself I realize we are all greedy individuals (for the most part) So to answer your future question, YES there are prizes. BIG Prizes. ICEY Prizes. Prize information is listed at the beginning of a season. Our first season had a total ICE Pool of 144,000.

If you’re ready to become a member and believe you’ll have fun here (Which I can guarantee 🙂 go ahead and apply here

The following is for all those aspiring leaders and captains.

Briefly mentioned earlier, Captains have many responsibilities and weight to carry on their shoulders. Unlike members captains are not all accepted. Our acceptance process requires time and patient.

Why you ask? Well since captains are in charge of so much we can’t have irresponsible people taking up these slots and ditching on us when the going gets rough.

Once again here are the responsibilities of a captain:

  • Scheduling players for matches according to match schedules and player availability. The captain is not required to play in every match.
  • Staying active and practicing with team regularly.
  • Providing a friendly learning environment for other members.

Captains are allowed one trade during the preseason and one more before the midpoint of the regular season. (Trades must  be confirmed by the other captain and an admin)

While the captain has complete control over his team, the kicking of a member is not allowed. Teams made in EZL will be kept only on the website and not in game. Your in-game teams may remain as you wish. As mentioned before, Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

As a Captain you are required to join an extra discord server in addition to the main EZL server. This server is where you locate other captains to schedule match dates. Matches should be posted to a specific channel (More information about arrangements will be given once you become a Captain)

Now I understand just like members,  captains like prizes as well. I know this from experience, having run a season one team. In addition to receiving a share of prize pools, Captains are given complimentary ICE (in-game currency).

Well that’s all for now, if you still have questions you can either message a staff member in our official discord, or email me at [email protected]

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Behind the Screens – Flash X

After leading his team to second place in the 2016 Vainglory World Championship and demolishing the competition along the way, EZL managed to get TSM’s FlashX to take the time out of his schedule to have a chat with us. We wanted to find out who FlashX is behind the screens, what makes him tick, and maybe pick up some tips on how you can git gud and follow in his footsteps too!

Personal Life

What made you choose your IGN?

When I was young, I used to play games and I was the flag runner and was really good so players called me Flash since I was really good at running. When I tried to make an account named Flash in VG, the name was taken, so I thought an X at the end would look cool, so FlashX was born.

Do you call each other by nicknames, IGNs, or real names when you chat?

Sometimes they call me Flash and sometimes Michael, but mostly just Flash.

(Skillz4Killz asks “Can I call you my favorite roamer?” Flash says “Yes!” Queue laughter and the rest of the interview becoming a whole heap of fun!)

If you want to party, have fun, or laugh which one of you do you look to?

VONC. Definitely

How old are you?


Your family is highly supportive of your Vainglory career now, but how did they treat games during your childhood? Did you play games often?

I have always loved games, but my parents did everything they could to try to push me to go outside instead of staying inside. Sometimes I would have to do chores to earn “computer time”. I would constantly ask for chores to do in order to earn more time to play Runescape and other games. But now my parents and siblings support me 100%, and watch all my games that are streamed. They are very happy that I have been able to make a career out of something that I truly enjoy doing.

Did you have any difficulties with respect to academics pursuits?

I think I was Top 10 or maybe Top 5 in high school but in college I would say I was more towards the middle because of it being a pretty hard school and had some of the smartest kids in the country.

You mentioned college, are you still going to college and what was your major?

I graduated from college in August 2015 and majored in biology, minored in business and chemistry.

What career do you intend to pursue in the future, if you ever retire from Vainglory?

That’s a really good question, because I am one of the older players and most of the other professional players in other eSports usually retire by now, and it’s tough to go into a career with a major in biology because it requires doing much more schoolwork like getting a masters.

(Skillz4Killz jumps in saying “By then I should have a place here for you in EZL!” Queue more laughter and general shenanigans.)

Do your friends/classmates/colleagues know about you being a pro-gamer?

Yes, everyone knows about it and a lot of my friends from college watch my games when they are streamed. There is nothing my friends don’t know about me and Vainglory!

How do you deal with emotional stress when you have problems or issues arise?

I would say Vainglory is a good source of stress-relieving for me. I am definitely not the type to just go out and drink away or party away like anyone else.

Professional Career

How did you end up in your current team?

After winning VIPL and beating some of the top teams like GankStars Sirius and Invincible Armada, we started really making a name for ourselves and putting us on the map. I started reaching out to a lot of the big organizations like TSM. The first one to get back to me was TSM and they were interested just as much as me.

Who suggested the team house, you or TSM?

The idea for having the team house came from both sides to be honest. Both myself and TSM wanted to have the team house as it can help immensely.

Your team was known to practice 10 hours a day leading up to the Championships. Do you still train with the same intensity?

It varies a lot. We only practiced 10 hours a day for about a week before the championship, during the boot camp. Recently we have not practiced as much, because after that for almost two entire months, there was not much competition due to off season, so not much practice. We took almost a full month of break to celebrate. About two weeks ago we got back into practicing hard, so we are starting to get the back into it.

You are known to be the one that’s always prepared in draft but besides that what do you contribute to the team?

As I am the oldest one, I also tend to have to have most of the adult responsibilities, like having to go get the groceries and just having the captain role in the team.

How did you discover Vainglory?

I grew up playing Dota and Dota2, and one day during a lecture in college, was watching the Apple Keynote because it was really hyped. I saw Vainglory featured during a September 2014 Apple Keynote. I thought the idea of a MOBA on touchscreen device was really cool and it had awesome graphics. So I downloaded when the beta was released, and have been playing ever since.

What made you decide to be a Vainglory pro player and not any other game?

In October of 2015, during the first ever official SEMC-sanctioned VG competitive play. After we won VIPL in Korea, and TSM came on board was when it really helped push us to make that decision.

Other than Vainglory, what other games do you play/have played competitively?

I have not played any other game competitively, but I do play Overwatch and Counter Strike casually. I have played a lot of other games like Runescape in the past.

Do you play Vainglory as a full-time job?

Yes, I do it as a full-time job and stopped working in sales since joining TSM as a competitive player.


In scrims, how do you improve specific skills or other areas of your game? Do you try to focus on one area at a time, and work through a list of objectives over a training session, or do you prefer to train more generally, focusing on everything at once?

Scrims are more focused on team development as opposed to improving individual mechanical skill. For mechanical development, you really just want to grind as many games as possible and just isolate certain mechanics (blocking for example) and focus on that. To do this, I would prioritize it over everything else. This means that if you have to be late on a fountain just to make sure you get your block off, do that. In time you’ll just learn to do it more naturally and then you can be more proficient at both. For scrims, communication is key, and making sure everyone is on the same page. Learn to identify the win conditions prior to the game starting and play to these conditions. If you have an early game comp, you need to play aggressive early to get an advantage. If you have a late game comp, playing passively to allow players to scale is more important.

What do you think makes your team unique?

We are currently the only team living in a team house and we are by far closer than any other team because of this. Chuck and I always go to the gym together in the mornings (VONC prefers his sleep) and we always eat dinner together. Being able to always be in the same room has helped our coordination tremendously.

With the limelight as pro players, there’s bound to be fans! Who are the funniest, cutest, weirdest or most notable fans you’ve met?

My girlfriend –  I would say I am biased because she is my girlfriend and also lives with us. She does all  the cooking which is incredibly helpful and we are all very grateful for. (“Notice he didn’t say tasty?” – Skillz4Killz.) The four of us coming from American, Mexican, and Chinese backgrounds means we eat quite a variety of meals which I personally love. A cherished moment was when I first got back from Korea for VIPL, I was absolutely craving Korean barbecue since we had it two times a week when we were there. I found a restaurant in Denver that served it and one of the waiters recognized me and it was a surreal moment.

Is there anyone who you would like to thank for helping you along your journey to this day?

I will always thank both my mom and my dad. They supported me tremendously through college and I was really scared that they would be upset that I wasn’t using the degree that they had paid for. Fortunately they have always promoted me finding a job doing what I love. I am incredibly grateful to be playing Vainglory professionally, and to have had my parents support me through my journey!

While we wish we could have spent the rest of the year chatting with this Paragon of the Vainglory community, sadly we had to draw a close to the interview somewhere! Overall, we’re left with the impression that FlashX isn’t just an immensely talented Captain, but he’s also a solid role model both in and out of the game – certainly a cool, down to earth guy with a level head.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed getting to interview him, so definitely stay tuned for more glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes! And of course, a massive thank you to both FlashX and TSM for the opportunity.

See you all in the Halcyon Fold!

You can find FlashX on Twitter at @TSMFlashX, and his team at @TeamSoloMid.