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EZLBot Update 3.0: Lottery

EZLBot has now launched publicly the EZLBot Lottery. The lottery is a way for anyone that uses the bot to earn ICE by simply using it. Every time you use the bot you have a chance to win ICE. Don’t… Continue Reading →

The EZL Brawlers Club

Calling all Vainglory players who enjoy playing with friends and having fun! A fairly recent initiative in EZL, called the EZL Brawlers Club, is approaching its 4th week, and after having been hosted by streamers TDogClisis, Skorpius and star TSM… Continue Reading →

EZLBot Update 3.0: Comparing Players

Hey there, Today’s post is about understanding another awesome feature in the 3.0 update which was the biggest update to the bot since launch. Having completely rebuilt the bot to make it much better performance and better scalability we added… Continue Reading →

EZLBot Update 3.0: Draft Features

EZLBot Update 3.0 is the biggest update to the Bot yet. We have had so many changes that it is no longer even possible to say that it is the same bot. In fact, the bot was completely rebuilt from… Continue Reading →

Anunciamos la primera NAes Draft League

To read the article in English, click here Desde la EZL estamos orgullosos de anunciar el comienzo de la Temporada 1 de la NAes Draft League – una nueva división de la EZL creada específicamente para ustedes, los miembros de… Continue Reading →

Trouble for the pro teams

Obstacles that Pro E-sport players face within Vainglory: Possibly the greatest thing SEMC have done for the Vainglory community and the future of the game was making it more accessible to compete with the higher skilled teams. Through their VIS… Continue Reading →

Damage & Defense 101: Slumbering Husk

Welcome to the first article in Damage & Defense 101! D&D 101 will be a series of articles that will cover the investigation of various defense items and how they affect damage received. These will mainly be tailored for carry… Continue Reading →

EZL EU Season 1 Information

Week 1: 25th January – 31st January All teams (placed randomly in groups) play against each other in a simple round robin. Teams will play 3 matches (bo3) against each other. Teams earn 3 points for wins and no points… Continue Reading →

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