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EZLBot Update 3.0: Lottery

EZLBot has now launched publicly the EZLBot Lottery. The lottery is a way for anyone that uses the bot to earn ICE by simply using it. Every time you use the bot you have a chance to win ICE. Don’t worry we have spam and troll detection in place to prevent any such circumstances that you are thinking about. 🙂

How do you win? Simple just use the bot whenever you play a game. Any commands that are in relation to Vainglory meaning $stats, $matches etc all will give you a chance to win ICE. Basically, the more you use the bot, the more chance you have at winning ICE! If you win, you will receive a DM by the bot alerting you of your victory.

P.S. We already have 2 winners!

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The EZL Brawlers Club

Calling all Vainglory players who enjoy playing with friends and having fun! A fairly recent initiative in EZL, called the EZL Brawlers Club, is approaching its 4th week, and after having been hosted by streamers TDogClisis, Skorpius and star TSM captain FlashX, is ready for more players to join in on the action. If you haven’t heard of the Brawlers Club before, let’s fill you in on what you’ve been missing.

The EZL Brawlers Club was a natural extension of the former EZL minigames nights. As the popularity of minigames grew and grew, we founded a new, dedicated department called Brawlers Club. Every Friday night, from 7pm – 10pm CST, Brawlers Club host Brawl game modes for everyone to battle it out in Blitz or Battle Royale, while on Saturday nights from 8pm – 10pm CST, we host a variety of minigames, especially created for Brawlers Club. To participate, all you need to do is join the Discord:, and queue up to play. The players who’ve been involved previously would all testify to one thing – Brawlers Club is tons of fun!

To find out more about Brawlers Club, you can head to the Discord and ask the staff any questions you may have. Additionally, the Brawlers Club website ( has some cool resources, such as a wicked-cool filter for your profile picture and downloadable wallpapers, along with rules and information.

Tonight, we have a very special streamer hosting the minigames. Woodworking, the analyst for Ardent, and a well-known Vainglory content creator on YouTube and Twitch, will be partaking in some of the fun! The minigames tonight will be streamed on his Twitch channel (, so head on over and give him a follow. We hope to see you there!

Article written by hoIIand

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EZLBot Update 3.0: Comparing Players

Hey there,

Today’s post is about understanding another awesome feature in the 3.0 update which was the biggest update to the bot since launch. Having completely rebuilt the bot to make it much better performance and better scalability we added in the ability to compare players.

Have you ever wondered how you compared against another player? Have you ever wanted to compare yourself against a professional player? Have you ever wanted to compare pro players versus other pro player? Compare 2 players in detail, compare many players, compare players from different regions. EZLBot presents you with the ability to do it all.

Come check it out at Discord or invite the bot to your server at Invite Link.

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EZLBot Update 3.0: Draft Features

EZLBot Update 3.0 is the biggest update to the Bot yet. We have had so many changes that it is no longer even possible to say that it is the same bot. In fact, the bot was completely rebuilt from the ground up. We wanted to make the bot be able to scale and grow much bigger and faster so that we can process over 1100+ servers. Thats right EZLBot is now in over 1100+ servers. There are 15 huge features in this update and to make it easy to see all the awesome stuff. We will be posting a explanation of each new feature right here so hit that subscribe button to learn all the hidden cool toys of EZLBot.

The first feature we will discuss is Draft. EZLBot now shows Draft features show you which heroes are banned, which heroes were selected and which Skins were chosen. View it in details in the Telemetry of your match data. Please enjoy this first feature of many more to come.

See you next time with the second feature explanation.

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Anunciamos la primera NAes Draft League

To read the article in English, click here

Desde la EZL estamos orgullosos de anunciar el comienzo de la Temporada 1 de la NAes Draft League – una nueva división de la EZL creada específicamente para ustedes, los miembros de habla hispana que juegan en el Servidor de NA. ¡Hemos recibido casi doscientas solicitudes para participar en la temporada 1 de NAes! Tras completar el proceso de formación de equipos (draft), el pasado 14 de mayo, ocho equipos de cuatro jugadores fueron formados – quienes competirán para dividirse un premio total de 31,000 de ICE. Puedes mirar la distribución de ICE en la tabla de más abajo, el cual será otorgado acorde a la posición final de los equipos.

Lugar ICE
1ro TBC*
2do TBC*
3ro TBC*
4to TBC*
5to TBC*
6to TBC*

*EDITADO: Luego de la publicación de este artículo, la distribución del ICE fue revisada y actualmente está siendo completada. La distribución correcta del ICE será publicada en un futuro cercano.

El formato de NAes Draft League es un contra todos, y durará siete semanas (sin incluir la semana de pretemporada) desde el 21 de mayo hasta el 9 de julio. Cada equipo jugará contra los otro siete dos veces durante la temporada, en una serie al mejor de tres: consiste en el modo estándar de “baneo” para los dos primeros juegos, y se usará el modo “a ciegas” si la serie debe definirse en un tercer juego. Habrá dos encuentros para los equipos cada semana. La clasificación se decidirá mediante un nuevo sistema de puntos, donde se otorgarán tres puntos al ganador de cada serie y cero para el equipo perdedor. Las posiciones en NAes se determinarán por el número de puntos que cada equipo obtenga durante la temporada.

¡La temporada que inicia luce competitiva y llena de emociones! Acorde a Painkllr, la persona a cargo de la liga, El equipo de EMMANUEL1, Asesinos de Élite, puede ser el equipo a vencer. De la misma manera, hay que tener en cuenta el equipo de JoshuaAlonso, Rhino Rampage, el cual puede dar alguna sorpresa. Los jugadores Top como AndroiDe29 de Rhino Rampage, y Elcocoxd y Deivid11057 de Asesinos de Élite se perfilan como las estrellas de sus respectivos equipos.

Algunos de los encuentros serán transmitidos en directo por nuestros compañeros creadores de contenido – Fonclais (, iStephanieMoreno (, y RamKaos ( – y casteado por Reckoning35. Cada transmisión será hecha por alguno de estos increíbles streamers; ¡Recuerda entrar en sus canales de Twitch y seguirlos! Este viernes 26 de mayo, serán transmitidos dos encuentros en vivo en el canal de RamKaos, sintonízanos y disfruta de la acción.

La NAes Draft League es un emocionante nuevo proyecto en la EZL, y les deseamos a los miembros y capitanes que compiten la mejor de las suertes. ¡Que gane el mejor equipo!

Tabla de puntos y clasificación

Alineación de los equipos

*Las posiciones y alineación de los equipos están alojados en Toornament donde serán actualizados; Toornamernt es un sitio web y una aplicación que permite organizar torneos como la NAes Draft League. Busca Toornament en la Google Play Store o en la Apple App Store y descargala aplicación, luego busca “EZL Draft LEAGUE NAes” – o visita el sitio web en el link de arriba.


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Trouble for the pro teams

Obstacles that Pro E-sport players face within Vainglory:

Possibly the greatest thing SEMC have done for the Vainglory community and the future of the game was making it more accessible to compete with the higher skilled teams. Through their VIS and VGL series teams in NA and EU can sign up to play compete against other hopeful teams. Those that make it through then have a chance to face the pros. I myself am currently working on honing my skills enough to compete,  and so are many others. So if a professional team starts showing they aren’t cut out,  there are many others ready to take their place.

With the ever steady growing numbers within the Vainglory player base and how the Vainglory 8 has been laid out,  with more pro organizations joining the Vainglory competitive scene,  there seems to be less opportunity for teams to join the Vainglory 8 league. After Vainglory World’s,  five major e-sports organizations joined the scene and had rosters for teams within Vainglory 8 with the exception of NRG who picked up a team in the VIS league. Now,  due to the Vainglory’s system of allowing other teams to earn a spot in the Vainglory 8,  it may be possible that three pro teams from NA and three from EU will lose their spots. Which,  as a team is never something you want,  especially if you just joined a pro organization.



What will the challengers matches tell us?

So what can we draw from this so far? Well many of these teams may just need time and practice to perform greater than they currently are,  especially on the new update. However,  it may be too late at this point if a team gets relegated. Furthermore,  It means that challengers teams whether in a pro organization or not,  can still be strong enough to compete.

What I hope to see

As has been evident in the past,  whenever a challenger team makes it into the Vainglory 8 they tend not to perform well enough to stay above the bottom three spots and are soon overshadowed by the other teams. One team that comes to mind as having succeeded is the SNOW team which won a live event. However,  there are more teams in the recent seasons that make it in and don’t fare too well against the rest of the 8 like Fates Zero,  Ardent Aurora,  Necrolyte,  and Nemesis Titan to name a few. So, with strong teams having performed in the challengers and making their way to the split like Late Cobras and Fluffy Chickens I hope they can perform well enough to make a name for themselves if they make it into the Vainglory 8. The same goes for NA challengers, especially with teams that have experienced players like Liberation X (ethree6,  PONtheoriginal,  Statusbaked,  MARTOHHH),  and One Piece 101 (Polifive208, lostboytoph, selenagomez, MonkeyDLufffyy) to name a few.

Now that’s not to say that teams haven’t done well in the Vainglory 8. In NA,  Ardent Aurora and Nemesis Titan did make it to the live Summer finals but lost most of their matches and didn’t perform to the capabilities we have come to know. In the EU Summer finals,  Rising Lotus lost all of their matches. As of late however,  it seems that for EU,  even the bottom three teams seem to fare better than the bottom three from NA. In the current EU standings,  Rising Lotus lead the bottom three with 8 points,  Denial with three,  and Mouse with 0. However,  the gap between one team and the next is not that great and doesn’t exceed five points. In NA,  the bottom standings are as follows: Immortals with five,  Rogue with 4,  Echo Fox with 0 and Misfits with 0. From their it gets worse for the challengers as the gap from Immortals to Gankstars is an 11 point leap. Furthermore,  The top NA team has 27 while the top EU team has 19 points. So it seems that for EU,  it would be easier to climb up the ranks from the bottom three.

In the case that no challenger team manages to break through and (more importantly) maintain their position in the Vainglory8,  it may mean that the gap between pro teams and challengers is larger than we think!


Article written by Ryann17

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Damage & Defense 101: Slumbering Husk

Welcome to the first article in Damage & Defense 101! D&D 101 will be a series of articles that will cover the investigation of various defense items and how they affect damage received. These will mainly be tailored for carry (i.e. both Laner and Jungler) players who need to decide which defense item(s) to add to their builds in-game. For a general guide, please see MrTouchnGo’s A Guide to Situational Items for Carries.

This article will be covering one of the four newest items on the Halcyon fold in Update 2.0 — Slumbering Husk! This item is pretty cool and makes some interesting changes to build optimization in terms of defense. So let’s take a look at the item:

Slumbering Husk


  • 400 Health


  • Taking 20% of your max health in damage over 1.5s fortifies your remaining health for 1.5s (45s cooldown).

Build Path: Dragonheart + Recipe (950 gold)

Cost: 1600 gold

Stat Comparison:

Item Health Cost Cost Effectiveness
Slumbering Husk 400 1600 0.25
Crucible 600 1850 0.32
Reflex Block 200 700 0.28
Shiversteel 500 1450 0.34
Dragonheart 400 650 0.61

Stats-wise, Slumbering Husk isn’t exactly the best thing out there — 0.25 health for each gold spent doesn’t seem like a good way to put your money on. But wait! Its passive is the main gimmick to look at here. Fortifying your entire remaining health for a short period of time? That means halving the damage received from all damage sources.

Damage Reduction Comparisons

Alright, alright. I hear you calling out for proof. So let’s take a look at some numbers I churned out using the formulas used to calculate defense.

To make numbers simpler, we’ll be assuming that the target hero is a generic Level 12 hero with a defense of 86 armour and shield. The following table shows how much percentage of damage is actually taken when a hero has Slumbering Husk’s passive in effect, compared to Aegis and Metal Jacket — two alternative defense options for carries.

Holy Kraken, Slumbering Husk is overpowered! The fortified health from Slumbering Husk alone already reduces more damage than an Aegis or Metal Jacket. In fact, a hero with Slumbering Husk with Metal Jacket takes the same amount of crystal damage as a hero with two Aegises! One item rendering a hero able to tank some good damage from both crystal and weapon sources, talk about hacks…

Warning! Slumbering Husk is not that overpowered…

Before you run off and start grabbing Husks, wait! Remember that Slumbering Husk’s passive only takes effect when a hero takes a fifth of their health in damage over 1.5 seconds. That’s a whole lot of health if you run it on a Level 12 Glaive — you need to take 500 damage in 1.5 seconds!

Slumbering Husk is a great choice for squishy heroes with low base health such as Petal, Celeste and Gwen. Slumbering Husk is even better on carry Adagio or Lyra —  squishy heroes whose healing abilities scale with health. Slumbering Husk’s passive is also harder to proc the more defense you buy on your hero, so consider carefully before including a second defense item in your build.

Also, remember that the fortified health passive from Slumbering Husk only lasts for 1.5 seconds, and has a cooldown of 45 seconds. That means that Slumbering Husk is the counter to bursty heroes such as crystal Joule, crystal Kestrel and Koshka. These heroes deal large amounts of damage in short periods of time, which means that Slumbering Husk’s passive is perfect to counter these enemies. So if you’re playing a slightly more tanky hero like Ozo and you run across an enemy “IMMA FIRE MAH LASER” crystal Joule, Slumbering Husk would deny them from being able to take you down in one shot.

On the other hand, Slumbering Husk is not as good against heroes who deal Damage over Time (DoT), such as Krul and Petal. So even if you play a squishy carry, you might want to consider getting an Aegis, Metal Jacket or even an Atlas Pauldron when going against these DoT heroes.


Good to Buy Against:

  • Bursty heroes
    • Gwen
    • Koshka
    • Crystal Kestrel
    • Crystal Saw
  • Heroes with burst ultimates
    • Crystal Joule
    • Celeste
    • Crystal Taka

Not as Good to Buy Against:

  • Heroes with good poke
    • Skaarf (Spitfire)
    • Baron (Porcupine Mortar)
    • Idris (Chakram)
    • Samuel (Malice and Verdict)
    • Skye (Forward Barrage)
    • Weapon Kestrel (Glimmershot)
  • Heroes who deal Damage over Time (DoT)
    • Krul
    • Petal
    • Reim
    • Weapon Glaive

Good to Buy On:

  • Squishy heroes (with low base health)
    • Petal
    • Gwen
    • Celeste
    • Ringo
  • Assassins (who dive in and tend to be targets of enemy fire)
    • Koshka
    • Blackfeather
    • Taka

Not as Good to Buy On:

  • Tanky heroes
    • Glaive
    • Lance
    • Joule
    • Phinn
  • Heroes who already have abilities to provide fortified health
    • Phinn
    • Reim
    • Ozo
    • Rona
  • Captains (They’re supposed to prioritize utility items!)
    • Catherine
    • Ardan
    • Flicker
    • Lance
    • Lyra
    • Phinn
  • So, uh, obviously don’t buy it on Phinn. Please.

Some last advice

While Husk’s passive is in effect, no fear just fight! Rush in and make full use of that fortified health! Similarly, if you play against a hero with Slumbering Husk, poke a little first to activate Slumbering Husk, run away and then then jump right back in once the fortified health is gone!

Happy hunting! Thanks for reading!

physiX (@physiX_VG)

Valkyrie Valhalla Guild

9 January 2017

Thanks Tranurz for editing the article and a special thanks to Moalze and Waggey for your suggestions!

If there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know!

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EZL EU Season 1 Information

Week 1: 25th January – 31st January

All teams (placed randomly in groups) play against each other in a simple round robin. Teams will play 3 matches (bo3) against each other. Teams earn 3 points for wins and no points for losses.

Gameplay Example: pos1 will play against pos2, pos3 against pos4, pos29  against pos30, pos31 against pos 32, and so on. This is considered a balancing week to find seedings.

Week 2: 1st-7th February

First and second classified of each subgroup (i.e. Aqua 1 and Aqua 2) will get pos1, pos2, pos3 and pos4. Third and fourth will get pos5 to pos8 and play against each other the same way as first week. This is considered a balancing week also.


Week 3: 8th-14th February

The first and second teams of each subgroup 1 will play in the same group. The same goes for the third and fourth of another group, the first and second of each subgroup 2, and so on. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Week 4: 15th-21st February

Same as week 2. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Final Tournament: 22nd-26th February

Double elimination bracket with the best 8 teams.


28th February – season end


Winner of each group gets 3 points and while the second place team gets 1 point for global classification. The 8 teams with the most points will play in the final tournament to compete for the season championship and the big prize. The other teams will be able to play in a different bracket for a lower prize.


Prize Pool

80,000 ICE Pool


-All matches will be a BO3.  The first two matches will be in draft mode. The third match will be blind pick, although teams may choose to do draft mode if both agree upon which team is team A. If no agreement is made, the match will be blind pick. Only 3vs3 is allowed.

-Team on the left or on the top of the bracket will be team A in the first game and team B in the second. Third match will be as explained above.

-Captains will agree on a day and an hour to play matches before the deadline. We highly recommend taking screenshots of this agreement.

-If both teams do nothing to schedule, they will get 0 points. If both try to meet, do their best, but schedules don’t match at all, it will be considered a tie and they will get 1 point each. If only 1 team tries to schedule the match and play and the other doesn’t answer, they will get a win.

-Waiting time. Teams must be online and ready to play at the agreed date and time. If a team does not have 3 players available to play the match 10 minutes after the agreed time, the complete team can take screenshots and claim for the victory in that match 2-0.

-Connection problems: Every player has to make sure that they have a stable internet connection to play Vainglory without any issues. If someone goes AFK, it’s their own responsibility.

-Results must be reported in with their screenshots uploaded.

-We also need the screenshots for the Stats Department, so don’t forget them!

Brackets [Week 2]: