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South American Draft League – Season 2

EZL is delighted to announce that Season 2 of the EZL Draft League has begun in South America! With more than 450 people applying to participate, competition for spots in the league was fierce, as everyone wanted to get in on the action. After the draft, 16 teams were formed, and have just now begun to battle it out. Over the next eight weeks, these teams will continue to clash, hoping to claim a share of the massive 65 000+ ICE prize pool on offer.

The teams will be split into two divisions: Aquarius and Taurus. After going through the two weeks of balancing, then completing the five-week regular season – which consists of a round robin stage of teams divided into subgroups, with teams switching subgroups depending on their results – the eight teams with the highest number of points will enter the week-long playoffs. Points will be awarded depending on the number of series won by each team during the regular season, with each series being best-of-three. When the league heads into playoffs, the format switches to single-elimination. Series will remain best-of-three in the playoffs until the final, which will become a best-of-five battle for the championship. This format promises to bring us plenty of action and intense dueling!

This second season of the South American Draft League has plenty of competition. According to the Head of SA, Painkllr, teams to follow include:

  • Princesas Divinas – Captain: OneForAII
  • LosSacoWeas – Captain: FerchoStyle
  • Team Sin Mar – Captain: cdBiohazard

Meanwhile, there are a couple of star players who will be competing in this iteration of EZL! From those three teams listed above come RY4NX, Matalex and SirApple respectively, who all have professional experience and are known to be some of the best players on the SA server. Watch out for these teams and their stars to shine!

Just as is currently occurring in the EZL NAes Draft League, some of the matches in the SA Draft League will be streamed by partnered content creators of EZL. Once again, check out and follow the Twitch channels of Fonclais (, iStephanieMoreno (, and RamKaos ( – these guys will be streaming a number of exciting series throughout the season!

The second season of the EZL SA Draft League is shaping up to be truly amazing. Stay tuned and support the teams as they all look to win the championship!

Aquarius Division Standings

Taurus Division Standings

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Announcing the inaugural NAes Draft League

Para leer este articulo en español, click aquí

EZL is excited to announce the beginning of Season 1 in the NAes Draft League – a new division of EZL created specifically for our Spanish-speaking members who play on the NA server. We received almost two-hundred applications to participate in Season 1 of NAes! After completing the draft on the 14th of May, eight teams of four players have been formed – all of whom will be competing for a share in the total prize pool of 31 000 ICE. Check below for the distribution of ICE, which will be awarded according to the final placings of the teams.

Place ICE
1st TBC*
2nd TBC*
3rd TBC*
4th TBC*
5th TBC*
6th TBC*

*EDIT: After the publishing of this article, ICE distribution for NAes was revised and is currently being finalised. Correct ICE distribution will be published in the near future.

NAes Draft League is in a round robin format, and will last for seven weeks (not including the preseason) from the 21st of May until the 9th of July. Each team will play the other seven teams twice throughout the season, in a best-of-three series: consisting of a standard draft-mode match for the first two games, and a standard blind-pick match if the series goes to the decider. There will be two series for each team per week. Also, a new point system will be in play for NAes, with three points given to winner of each series and zero points given to the losing team. Standings in NAes will be determined by the number of points each team has gained.

This upcoming season looks to be competitive and full of thrills! According to the Painkllr, the man in charge of the league, EMMANUEL1’s team Asesinos de Élite is quite possibly the one to beat. Also, watch out for JoshuaAlonso’s team Rhino Rampage, which is set to make a big splash. Top players such as AndroiDe29 from Rhino Rampage, and Elcocoxd and Deivid11057 from Asesinos de Élite are shaping up to star for their respective teams.

A number of NAes matches will be streamed by our partnered content creators – Fonclais (, iStephanieMoreno (, and RamKaos ( – and casted by Reckoning35. Every broadcast will be hosted by one of these amazing streamers; be sure to check out their Twitch channels and hit that follow button! This Friday, on the 26th of May, there will be two matches streamed live on RamKaos’ channel, so tune in and enjoy the action.

NAes Draft League is an exciting new development in EZL, and we wish the members and captains competing the best of luck. May the best team win!

Point Standings

Team Rosters

*The point standings and team rosters are hosted and will be updated on Toornament, a website and app that allows organising of tournaments such as the NAes Draft League. Search for Toornament in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store to download the app, then search for “EZL Draft LEAGUE NAes”  – or visit the above link.

Rules (Español only)

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EZL Spotlight – MujyKun

In the inaugural season of EZL in North America, Team Lunaris captain MujyKun led his team throughout the season to victory, taking out the Championship with a solid record and an increasingly impressive reputation. With the second season of EZL fast approaching, our journalist Ryann17 approached MujyKun on Discord to delve deeper into his role as a captain, his team’s dynamics and his personal experiences in the first season of EZL.

Why did you decide to become a captain in EZL?

“I had a team called Lunaris before EZL started, and I applied to EZL to become a moderator and a captain. As a team, we wanted to participate, so I decided to try drafting my original team into EZL. I became captain because my Lunaris teammates didn’t feel like doing it and I am also able to organize things more efficiently.”

How did you end up with your team? Was it all through the draft or did you pick up some people later?

“I was one of the last people in the drafting list. I was number 37 out of 40. I first picked one of my main carries from Lunaris, and as my second pick I picked another member from the Lunaris team. The next three people were random POA Silver and Gold players who we helped to get to Vainglorious. We met three new people through the EZL team, and they are now part of my normal Lunaris team. We never switched out any of our members because we were extremely lucky, all the members were active. These were people determined to play Vainglory and that is what kept our team together. There was no need to pick up anybody later.”

How did you feel your team performed last season? Did you have a set of players that played  most of the games, or did all six of you have the same amount of playing time?

“Well, our team won the finals and we won EZL’s North American Playoffs for Season our team did their best during these games. We had our moments of being flawed, where we were not able to get practice before our matches – resulting in us losing some of our games. One of our members was only able to play one game the entire season. He was one of our original team members and we felt it was fine. Given he was from a different timezone, he was not able to play because the majority of our games were on weekdays and at night. We had five people that basically played the entire season, with a distributed amount of playtime between us. Whichever member wanted to play a certain game, we would allow them to play it. We also had team scrims just to check how well our team synergy clicked with certain combinations of players. We gathered the most aggressive three people from our team and put them together. This was considered our team core and we decided to take that to the finals. This team core played the most – however, the time was divided up throughout all the weeks to make sure everyone got a decent share of game time and gained the same experiences.”

Your team did exceptionally well during the season with twenty-two wins and three losses. Did you develop rivalries with other strong teams that were able to give you a run for your money?

“We did develop connections with other teams and started to scrim with them. There were some teams that showed great synergy, and they motivated us to get stronger with our comps. Our finals was definitely a hard match-up against Team Retro. We were extremely close to losing both games, but luckily won 2-0 in the end.”

What was the hardest thing about last season?

“In my opinion, it was having to put our heart into every game in order to win. Our team focused on not getting any mistakes and following up with each other to have a solid win. There weren’t really any difficulties throughout the weeks, after the first week we were pretty much used to the other six weeks – it was just normal gameplay for us by the end. What helped us the most, was practicing for the games and really putting in effort the whole time.”

With your team playing twenty-five sets of matches, did anyone suffer from burnout? Did anyone ever feel like it was too much, for too long a period that they almost gave up?

“We had our members switching around. If someone felt they were playing too much, we would give them a break. There were not really any problems with that during the season. Our members were active and you could tell they loved being part of the Vainglory community. There would be small complaints, but ultimately my team members would get right back up on their feet.”

On the topic of the draft, what were you looking for back then in your players? What are you looking for now?

“I looked for people who were active and people who were not toxic. When I was doing my tryouts, I based it completely off of who was toxic. As of right now, I probably won’t hold any tryouts, but I will pick up some new people. I have gotten very familiar with the community and I know a lot of members that are on the list. I know the people who actually try in their games and do not rage quit. I also look for people who are able to voice chat. If they are inexperienced vainglory players, we will bring them to POA Gold to VG Bronze at least, and help them understand the game better. Team practices help out our newest members a lot with understanding how we play! The synergy gained from this is very beneficial.”

Why aren’t you holding tryouts? Were you able to keep your team?

“No, we requested personally to have our team stay in EZL as a team without having to draft as our reward for winning the season. It was put into consideration and we have not heard back yet. We assume we are not able to keep our team. As I said earlier, I have just gotten familiar with the community and I know the members a lot better now. If the members from the first season go onto the next season, then I will know their gameplay very well. With nine weeks of gameplay, you get to know all of the players around you – how well they play and their personality. I will draft based off my current judgement. It’s still a possibility that I might hold tryouts, however it is not as likely, especially since I have been very busy recently. I’m looking to pick up some new members this season instead of picking up my original team. It is more efficient to play with new people and have my old EZL team stay as my current ingame team as of right now. Having several teams is not a bad thing, and the more people you get to know, the more experiences you are able to share with each other.”

*When this interview was conducted, the decision on Team Lunaris had not yet been made. However, by the time of publishing it was ruled that Lunaris could keep its entire team for Season 2. MujyKun has since decided to keep half of the players from Season 1, and is now looking for fresh new faces to fill his roster.

How stressful has EZL been with you needing to schedule matches, compete and still obviously take care of your own personal responsibilities. Are you ready to do it all over again in Season 2?

“Yes, well with my current setup, I have been hosting my own tournaments for several regions every single weekend. It is hard to manage it, however I manage to squeeze in time to free up my schedule for EZL. There is school work that will also get in the way, however for Season 2 it should go smoother since part of it will be during the summer break. Sometimes it was a hassle not having the brackets updated as soon as a match finished. I like to contact captains early and get our matches done as fast as possible to leave us time to complete our finals. That actually gives us more time to lay around while waiting for our enemies. It is a bit hard to contact some captains, but it works out in the end.”

What do you plan for your future with Vainglory and the community?

“I plan to remain a permanent tournament hoster. I registered our original team in several tournaments. We moved some members from our original team to a new team including me. We have joined up with a team that is already in VIS League to help them progress in VIS, and so we gain experience with very challenging games. I still manage my old teams, I am just not as frequently involved with them. In the case I ever decide to leave the team I just joined, I would always be able to come back and be the captain of my old teams. Currently, we have both teams full and we plan to expand our community. I have a Discord server with more than 1,000 VG players ( It is based off our original team and we host all of our tournaments there. It is also a center for our guilds as well. Our guild is not the priority for how we stay in the community, however it is good to have as a basis and have people join it. We plan to have our teams scrim against each other and hopefully we can all progress in our skill tier a bit further and reach Vainglorious Gold. When we accomplish this, we will hopefully gain recognition for the hard work we have done. We will continue to join all of the amateur and professional tournaments being hosted, so that our team won’t die off because it always has something to compete in. We try to play to our maximum capacity at all times – that’s what makes our team very synchronized.”

Any last thoughts you want to share with the teams you’ll be facing this season?

“Even if you can’t synchronize with your team, there’s always a way to win. Have a team that is willing to try their hardest. Give your team a reason to try hard. Even if you do not win, the amount of experience you earn with strategizing will help you in the future. Especially with the lower tier members: the more higher tier players you face, the more you figure out how to counter them.”

MujyKun is a strong and dedicated captain and player who wants to push his team to be the best. His involvement and commitment with not only EZL but also his own team’s tournaments show that he really enjoys being an integral part of the Vainglory community – and in time, he is sure to become a household name for all of the members of EZL.

Article written by Ryann17 and edited by hoIIand

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Behind the Screens – ShaDaz

Turning A Dream Into Reality

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with “ShaDaz”, the newly promoted COO for EZL to find out a little bit more about his new position as the head of the organisation. The interview, starting smooth and easy, felt like nothing more than a conversation between friends.

“Just for those who don’t know who you are, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

My name is Dan Gallagher and I am currently a college student in Minnesota, United States. I am pursuing a degree in computer science, and on top of it all, I work a full time job, not to mention EZL. Life can be quite crazy at times.


“What does EZL even mean, I don’t remember hearing the full name before?”

As much as both Skillz4Killz(current EZL CEO) and I would love to scream it out loud, I cannot say at this time.  It is a name that has not yet been trademarked, but once we have the trademark, you can be certain we will.


“Can you explain to me a little bit more about what EZL actually is, just a general overview of the organisation?”

So the best way to put EZL into one sentence would be, “The way to bridge the gap between the professional player, and the tiers below that 1%.” Most people don’t have the time to commit to making that jump from a normal high-tier player to a professional one, to be able to actually draw a salary. EZL gives those players a place to start. EZL is a system, where no matter the skill level, there is a place for anyone. The goal is for the players to work their way up the tiers, and gain the fame and recognition of a professional player.


“How is it that you came into the position of C.O.O. (Chief Operating Officer) for EZL?”

I have known Skillz4Killz (the C.E.O. of EZL) for a long time, even back before the creation of EZL. When EZL was initially created, he explained to me the vision for the company and maybe more importantly, the need for such a thing. I was first involved in EZL as a coder, due to my background with coding. Eventually though the need for someone to help share the load of EZL was apparent – it’s not a one man job. Skillz came to me with the offer, and at first I was hesitant. In the end though, I was brought in and realized this was what I wanted to do. I want this organisation to succeed, to be able to pay our staff and eventually be able to bridge the gap between the professional and the casual player.


“Walk me through a day in the life of Dan, what do you do, and why are you successful?”

Wow a day in the life of Dan that is not a question I have ever been asked before. First and foremost, organization! I have to have everything planned out and set up the day before otherwise it feels like I get nothing done. Another really big thing for me is that I push myself to learn something new every single day. If you are not constantly learning and growing, you will be the same person you are now for the rest of your life. I want to be the best leader, teacher, COO, that I can possibly be, and to do that, I feel the need to keep pushing myself to become better. Surrounding yourself with new people and different things, not only will you learn and grow every single day but you will become better. Not just as a leader or COO but you will become an overall better person.


“By what method is a person able to join EZL, as a player or a staff member?”

The easiest answer way for you to do this is just to head to our website and fill out an application. The application form will get processed by our HR department, and then sent to the respective head of department.


“eSports is not a very widely accepted genre in North America, what are your ideas on changing this?”

In the simplest terms, we are trying to change the perspective of the average person about eSports. The everyday person in North America will spend no time at all watching eSports, maybe they do not know it exists or even worse, they know it exists, but feel it’s just a waste of their time. We are not trying to replace everyday sports with eSports, we simply want the public to acknowledge, support and enjoy them. Take South Korea for example; ESports are an everyday thing over there, and yet the Korean people also enjoy watching everyday sports. It shows that they can coexist and even complement each other.


“In broad terms, what is your long term goal for EZL?

Well let’s work with a five year benchmark, where I think EZL can be in five years. Just to make a list, I feel we will be paying our staff members, incentivising our players to stay and play for us, and most importantly I think we will have a global reach. Let me reiterate what I mean, our staff  members do so much, and they are volunteers, it is not that I want to get more out of them once we can pay, I simply want them to feel appreciated and rewarded for the work they have done and for the effort they put in. As for incentives for our players, in my mind that is just as important as staff payment, without players we have no establishment. I want the players to be able to make at the very least, some money playing for us. As for the global reach, that is fairly self-explanatory. I think in five years we can have a branch of EZL in every continent that Vainglory is based in. The real “global” goal is to be in every eSport that there is.


“Are there any leaks you can give us, any projects you want to reveal?”

Well there was a leak, not too long ago on a certain Femme Fatale interview, project “Numbers”. I cannot say any more about that, but feel free to check it out. With respect to the bulk of what we are working on, it is all behind project “Prometheus”. Keep an eye out for the reveal, because once Prometheus drops, everything will flow behind it.



Once the interview was over, we stayed on Discord and chatted for about an hour afterwards. All in all ShaDaz seems like a genuine guy. Down to earth, who is clearly passionate about a company and a game that he loves. He seems to have all the qualities of a successful leader. In my personal opinion [Not bias, honest! – ed], EZL will be a company to keep an eye on, especially with the growth of Vainglory as an eSport, and eSports in general.

Christan “supertac” Weber

You can keep tabs on EZL, and what Dan gets up to on Twitter by following @EZL_Official.

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EZL EU – Season 1 – Final Tournament

With our first EZL EU League Season- I coming to an end, we are happy to announce the participants who got all the way to the final tournament ! After a grueling 4 weeks of intense matches, the following 8 teams have proven their skills and earned their spot for the chance to win the “ EZL Champions “ title and a Grand Prize of 21000 ICE just for the winning team (overall prize pool is 80.000 ICE)

List of teams & their captains in the Grand Finale of EZL :

  • Pulse of Vain led by Tim9999
  • Team Incredibles led by to8andBEYOND
  • Premium Gaming led by kurti
  • Lethal Beasts led by StillNo2
  • M.E.G.A led by Keygasza
  • Team Up led by to8andBEYOND
  • Ashes Reborn led by  Radicis
  • Demonic Souls led by SatanReaper

The tournament will be played from the 24th (Friday) to the 26th (Sunday) and will be streamed on Twitch.

Special Shout-Out to Captain to8andBEYOND who worked hard and managed to get both of his teams to the finals! (Team Incredibles and Team Up)

Thanks to EZL EU Division Head: ToYo and to his right hand AniMaL for providing and checking the information used in this article.

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Join the draft! EZL needs you! – A Grimm Guide

Welcome to the first official Grimm Guide by Grimmely! Also known as DatGrimmGuy. This article will begin to introduce you to EZL by covering the following topics:

The draft, teams and trades, season breakdown, and match information.

Before I continue check out the following links, also special thanks to SuperTac for editing the article!

EZL Twitter

EZL Discord

First of all, where do I start?

As you look around our twitch and discord mildly confused you’re probably wondering what the hell is this? Where do I start? Where do I begin?

As a newcomer you have lots to learn, let’s start with roles.

In the draft there are two main roles:

  1. The Captain

The captain is the one in charge of running their own team, responsibilities include:

  • Arranging appropriate dates and times with other teams.
  • Practicing with your team (daily or weekly, Captain’s choice)
  • Taking part during draft day to choose your team (5 members will be chosen)
  • Choosing who plays and sits out (Eventually each player must play at least once)
  • Most importantly: Helping out fellow teammates as they grow and become better players.

2) The Member

The member is your average player, the guy who is chosen by the captain and plays when needed. Members have it easy and are here to have fun. Responsibilities include:

  • Respecting your captain at ALL times
  • Practicing with your team
  • Trying your best
  • Staying active

If you’re only here for the fun and games, I suggest you start by becoming a member.

By becoming a member of EZL you are eligible to be drafted, which leads to playing games, and eventually winning prizes.

Here is a breakdown of the draft:

On draft day, the first day of pre-season, captains draft five players from the pool of applicants. Drafts will be in serpentine fashion. Serpentine fashion is where a random order will be given to the captains a day or two before the draft. They will make the first round pick 1-32 and then go back 32-1, then 1-32 and 32-1, etc. All picks are final and players may not be replaced with anyone outside the team – except in the case of a player breaking a rule, which will result in the player being removed from the league or moved by trade. Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

Let’s recap what you have read! In EZL their are two roles, the captain and the member. The captain is the head honcho, while the member is the grunt. Captains  arrange games with other captains and run practices. Members show up at practices and play matches on assigned dates. Members are drafted on the first day of the pre-season. Teams are final and only changed under special circumstances. Hmmm. Sounds exactly how a regular soccer game at school might work right? Exactly. Here at EZL we don’t want to make everything complicated and only understood by the pros, we want everyone to feel welcome and have fun. The draft is here to help provide organization and prevent unfair teams which is DEFINITELY not fun.

Members should also realize that a season is a long-term commitment and should be prepared to spend time with EZL. Each season consists of a time equal to each in-game season. For Vainglory, each season is approximately 3 months. The goal is to have 32 teams per season, but this number can be shifted around to make sure that everyone has a chance to join in. To help you get a better understanding of just how much time a season might take here’s a quick breakdown:

1-2 Preseason weeks – Build synergy with your team and practice for the regular season.

4-6 Weeks of regular season – Matches will be assigned at random. Standings will follow a score where every game will be counted and the seeding for playoffs is determined by Wins/Losses.

1-2 Weeks of Playoffs – At the end of the regular season, all teams will clash it out in the Playoffs for a chance to enter and win the EZL Championship and receive top-notch prizes. Playoffs will be single elimination and each match is a best of 3. The first and third game draft order will be decided by the higher seed of the regular season.

1-2 Weeks of post season – During the postseason All-Star games will be played where all participants and fans will vote for the most wanted players on the website. Each subdivision of the league will play against the other. This is also where Top 8 captains get to stay for next season and the others are removed but are able to apply again if wanted. Post-season is also where captains begin scouting the Draft Pool for the second season.

Now you future members out there should have a comprehension of EZL. Being a member once myself I realize we are all greedy individuals (for the most part) So to answer your future question, YES there are prizes. BIG Prizes. ICEY Prizes. Prize information is listed at the beginning of a season. Our first season had a total ICE Pool of 144,000.

If you’re ready to become a member and believe you’ll have fun here (Which I can guarantee 🙂 go ahead and apply here

The following is for all those aspiring leaders and captains.

Briefly mentioned earlier, Captains have many responsibilities and weight to carry on their shoulders. Unlike members captains are not all accepted. Our acceptance process requires time and patient.

Why you ask? Well since captains are in charge of so much we can’t have irresponsible people taking up these slots and ditching on us when the going gets rough.

Once again here are the responsibilities of a captain:

  • Scheduling players for matches according to match schedules and player availability. The captain is not required to play in every match.
  • Staying active and practicing with team regularly.
  • Providing a friendly learning environment for other members.

Captains are allowed one trade during the preseason and one more before the midpoint of the regular season. (Trades must  be confirmed by the other captain and an admin)

While the captain has complete control over his team, the kicking of a member is not allowed. Teams made in EZL will be kept only on the website and not in game. Your in-game teams may remain as you wish. As mentioned before, Teams are reset at the end of every season. Captains are also reset excluding the top 8 captains, though previous players and captains are still allowed to re-apply.

As a Captain you are required to join an extra discord server in addition to the main EZL server. This server is where you locate other captains to schedule match dates. Matches should be posted to a specific channel (More information about arrangements will be given once you become a Captain)

Now I understand just like members,  captains like prizes as well. I know this from experience, having run a season one team. In addition to receiving a share of prize pools, Captains are given complimentary ICE (in-game currency).

Well that’s all for now, if you still have questions you can either message a staff member in our official discord, or email me at

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Inauguración del Departamento de Instructores de la EZL

Tenemos el placer de presentar el Departamento de Instructores de la EZL. Desde la organización estamos trabajando para estrechar lazos entre los Profesionales y la comunidad y para ello empezaremos proporcionandote oportunidades de instrucción para que mejores tus habilidades y así eleves tu rango hasta el máximo de tus posibilidades.

Habrá diferentes tipos de formas de Instrucción. Las opciones son:

  1. Los miembros de la EZL, podrán registrarse para participar en clases en directo con profesionales o jugadores de rango de habilidades alto que actuarán como instructores. Recordad que esto no está enfocado para que el instructor responda a todo tipo de preguntas, sino como una oportunidad de plantear preguntas relacionadas con las mecánicas a la hora de jugar a Vainglory.
  2. Los jugadores podrán enviar sus grabaciones con preguntas para ser analizadas por jugadores de rango de habilidades alto así como por los jugadores profesionales que estén disponibles.  Estos análisis pueden ser retransmitidos (Mobcrush, Twitch), grabadas (suscríbete a nuestro canal de Youtube), transcritas (artículos con análisis en detalle sobre tu estilo de juego), o analizadas mediante otros métodos.

No necesitas ser miembro de la EZL para participar en estos procesos de Instrucción, pero se les dará prioridad a los miembros de la liga. La prioridad es la siguiente:

  1. Solicitudes de Pago
  2. Miembros que no hayan sido seleccionados para jugar en la liga
  3. Miembros seleccionados para jugar en la liga
  4. Jugadores que no son miembros de la EZL

Además crearemos perfiles en nuestra web para cada persona que solicite una Instrucción con toda la información que la API de Vainglory nos facilite para mostrar donde están vuestras virtudes y defectos y mucho más.

Formulario para solicitar participar en una Instrucción:

¿Quieres ser Instructor?:

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EZL EU Season 1 Information

Week 1: 25th January – 31st January

All teams (placed randomly in groups) play against each other in a simple round robin. Teams will play 3 matches (bo3) against each other. Teams earn 3 points for wins and no points for losses.

Gameplay Example: pos1 will play against pos2, pos3 against pos4, pos29  against pos30, pos31 against pos 32, and so on. This is considered a balancing week to find seedings.

Week 2: 1st-7th February

First and second classified of each subgroup (i.e. Aqua 1 and Aqua 2) will get pos1, pos2, pos3 and pos4. Third and fourth will get pos5 to pos8 and play against each other the same way as first week. This is considered a balancing week also.


Week 3: 8th-14th February

The first and second teams of each subgroup 1 will play in the same group. The same goes for the third and fourth of another group, the first and second of each subgroup 2, and so on. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Week 4: 15th-21st February

Same as week 2. The first classified teams of each sub group will play a BO3 match to win an ICE prize.


Final Tournament: 22nd-26th February

Double elimination bracket with the best 8 teams.


28th February – season end


Winner of each group gets 3 points and while the second place team gets 1 point for global classification. The 8 teams with the most points will play in the final tournament to compete for the season championship and the big prize. The other teams will be able to play in a different bracket for a lower prize.


Prize Pool

80,000 ICE Pool


-All matches will be a BO3.  The first two matches will be in draft mode. The third match will be blind pick, although teams may choose to do draft mode if both agree upon which team is team A. If no agreement is made, the match will be blind pick. Only 3vs3 is allowed.

-Team on the left or on the top of the bracket will be team A in the first game and team B in the second. Third match will be as explained above.

-Captains will agree on a day and an hour to play matches before the deadline. We highly recommend taking screenshots of this agreement.

-If both teams do nothing to schedule, they will get 0 points. If both try to meet, do their best, but schedules don’t match at all, it will be considered a tie and they will get 1 point each. If only 1 team tries to schedule the match and play and the other doesn’t answer, they will get a win.

-Waiting time. Teams must be online and ready to play at the agreed date and time. If a team does not have 3 players available to play the match 10 minutes after the agreed time, the complete team can take screenshots and claim for the victory in that match 2-0.

-Connection problems: Every player has to make sure that they have a stable internet connection to play Vainglory without any issues. If someone goes AFK, it’s their own responsibility.

-Results must be reported in with their screenshots uploaded.

-We also need the screenshots for the Stats Department, so don’t forget them!

Brackets [Week 2]:

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The EZL Tutoring Department

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the EZL Tutoring Department! Here at EZL, we focus on bridging the gap between the pros and the community. In order to further bridge that gap, tutoring will be provided in order to improve on all the skills needed for you to climb to as high as possible.

There will be many different forms of tutoring. Tutoring options include:

     1.) Members of the EZL will be able to sign up to participate in a live stream “classroom” of sorts with a professional or high tier player as their teacher. Keep in mind that this is not an Ask Me Anything but rather an opportunity to ask questions regarding game-play.

      2.) Players will be able to send in their game-play videos with questions to be analyzed and critiqued by high tier players as well as some professional players if they are available.

This may be streamed, recorded, or written with an in-depth analysis of your game-play.

You do not need to be a member to be a part of either of these forms of tutoring.  However, there will be a higher priority given to EZL members. The priority will be as follows:

1.Paid Requests

2. Undrafted Members

3. Drafted Members

4. Non-EZL
Furthermore, we will be developing profiles on our website for each person that requires tutoring with all of your API data to show you where your strengths and weaknesses are – and more.


Tutoring Request

Want to be a tutor?




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Jungle Shop and Starting Gold 2.0: What’s Changed?


With the extra starting gold mechanic and late jungle shop spawn implemented in patch 2.0, a lot has changed in a short time. For many, this has lead to some confusion on what to do with all these additions.


This article will provide a quick overview of the impact of some of these changes. From what the additional starting gold means, to the shop spawn and general rotation changes, it will help you out with any confusion you may have.


So what are some of these changes, and what do they mean?


1. Starting gold is now at 625 Gold


1A. The Lane


The lane in the first five minutes of the game is crucial. This is when you farm up and get the gold for your first tier 3 items. Whoever gets the most gold the fastest usually wins the lane battle, but this also depends on power spikes, hero level, and many other factors that can be talked about in a separate article.


Focusing on the starting item buys for the lane, we have many options to work with:

  1. Two offensive items and a potion or flare.
  2. One offensive item, boots, and a potion or flare
  3. One offensive item, one defensive item, and a potion or flare
  4. One defensive item, boots, and 75 gold to use at your choice.


You have these 4 choices to work with, so… which one is the best to use?


At first sight, your eyes automatically go to the most offensive choice, but, is that really the best? Remember long ago when buying a single defensive item and consumables was the best? Well, that might still be the case, but with an additional offensive item to help you farm. Explore some of these options in casual matches, and you just might be surprised.


1B. The Jungle


The jungle is becoming slightly more frightening than it has been before. The only area of advantage the new starting gold mechanic gives is that the jungle carry receives +275 gold. Nothing more, nothing less. This allows heroes to buy an aftershock or even a breaking point at the first sight of the jungle shop. Heroes who build an Aftershock + Broken Myth in the jungle such as Alpha, Ozo, and Koshka have been getting a pretty big advantage in the jungle meta. 


1C. The Captains


Just like the jungle carries, the new starting gold mechanic also gave supports a big item advantage. Fountain of Renewal is easily reachable within 3:30. If you build a crucible right after it, you can get that within 6:20-6:45, depending on how good your lane carry is at last hitting. To keep this short and sweet, captains can get their core items very quickly now, and that allows for more viable paths with other items such as Nullwave Gauntlet, Contraption, and Stormcrown.


2. The 4:00 Jungle Shop Change


The spawn time of the jungle shop has changed the pace of the game, and has also altered the meta a little bit. Early game jungle fights are much less common, and usually only happen when early game junglers initiate the fight. It is a rare occasion to see a jungle invade before a fight has occured. This alone shifts the jungle meta to mid and late game heroes such as Petal, Ozo, and Kestrel. Early game junglers tend to fall off quickly if you cannot invade the enemy jungle or get kills onto the enemy lane carry. Therefore, early game junglers are not very viable.  


2A. How is the lane affected by this change?

Lane rotations to the jungle are not what they used to be. In 1.24, the lane carry would often rotate every couple of minutes to shop and maybe push the jungle a little with their team. Now, you probably won’t see this until past 4:00 into the game.


2B. What about the jungle?

The main concept that the jungle shop changes is teamfighting. Currently, there is no rush to get through the jungle rotation, because there isn’t an item advantage anymore. The faster rotating jungle doesn’t get any advantage in fights, because both jungle carries are level two are the end of first rotation.


2C. Rotations

Rotations in the lane and the jungle is revolved around farm. As mentioned before, the meta is about gaining as much gold as possible within the first 8-10 minutes of the game. Whoever gets the items the quickest usually wins the game, right? This has been a core concept of Vainglory for as long as it has been around. Since the jungle carries cannot shop in the jungle until 4:00, it has been more common to use the time to farm the whole jungle as quick as possible. This typically means not going up to the lane unless you have a pretty much guaranteed chance at killing the enemy laner.

* * * *

Thank you for reading this informational article about a few of the new gameplay changes added into Vainglory. Please note that this is a general article concerning the new changes, and more in-depth articles about some of the mentioned topics will be made in the future.


Written by Playlover1 | Edited by Tranurz