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Vainglory - Tier 6 Retired from semi-pro Brawlhalla Competitive Paladins player Journalist for EZL

EZL EU – Season 1 – Final Tournament

With our first EZL EU League Season- I coming to an end, we are happy to announce the participants who got all the way to the final tournament ! After a grueling 4 weeks of intense matches, the following 8 teams have proven their skills and earned their spot for the chance to win the “ EZL Champions “ title and a Grand Prize of 21000 ICE just for the winning team (overall prize pool is 80.000 ICE) Continue reading “EZL EU – Season 1 – Final Tournament”

Join the draft! EZL needs you! – A Grimm Guide

Welcome to the first official Grimm Guide by Grimmely! Also known as DatGrimmGuy. This article will begin to introduce you to EZL by covering the following topics:

The draft, teams and trades, season breakdown, and match information.

Before I continue check out the following links, also special thanks to SuperTac for editing the article! Continue reading “Join the draft! EZL needs you! – A Grimm Guide”

The EZL Tutoring Department

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the EZL Tutoring Department! Here at EZL, we focus on bridging the gap between the pros and the community. In order to further bridge that gap, tutoring will be provided in order to improve on all the skills needed for you to climb to as high as possible. Continue reading “The EZL Tutoring Department”


Announcing OP-Playz by EZL!

In an attempt to help build our members’ fame and popularity, we’re accepting clips/recordings of in-game plays. We will review each play submitted then choose around 10 to post on our YouTube channel. These plays will not only help get your name noticed by others in the gaming community or sponsors but will also serve to give our Captains something to take note of when they are picking players on draft day.

Once you have your recording, post your link on BAND or on Discord.

EZL Youtube

Welcome to EZL! – Everything you need to know

This article is meant to explain more about the EZL. Special thanks to Head Admin Skillz4Killz for the hour long interview! Links will be located at the end of the article.

Table of Contents Continue reading “Welcome to EZL! – Everything you need to know”