1. (Solicitud de miembro) Member Application(English): If you wish to participate in the EZL, please fill out this application.
    As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in the EZL. You will be put into a pool of players on draft day and you will be drafted by captains. You will be responsible for:

    1. Communicating with your team and captain on a regular basis
    2. Knowing when match times are and letting your captain and teammates aware if you can’t make it
    3. Knowing when practice times are
  2. (Aplicación de capitán) Captain Application(English): If you wish to be a team Captain in the EZL, please fill out this application.
    As a captain you will have responsibilities that regular members do not. Some of these responsibilities are, and not limited to:

    1. Keeping up to date with all changes, announcements, and important matters and making one’s team aware of all such things
    2. Taking screenshots of post game scoreboards, whether it is a victory or not
    3. Scheduling match times with other captains and reporting each match time
    4. Scheduling practices for your team
    5. Keeping teammates aware of all match times.
    6. Reaching out to players and holding tryouts to get an idea of what players you want to draft on draft day.
  3. (Solicitud de miembro del personal) Staff Application(English): If you would like to be a part of the EZL admin team, please fill out this application.
    Positions include:

    • Public Relations Officer
    • Journalist
    • Programmer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Shout caster
    • Streamer
    • Statistics/Data Trackers
    • Discord Moderator
    • Band Moderator