2.1 Patch Analysis: What are the major changes?

2.1 revolutionized how the jungle works, this made kills worth more than the minions and introduced a new shop treant that gives the players something to contest early. Some strong heroes took a hit, and some don’t feel any different. Confusion arises for some as they try to figure out the meta. This article will help clear up the changes and how it can affect the game.

Lane And Jungle Minions Spawn 10 Seconds Later

Bringing back the level 1 fights! This change will provide many options for starting out a game. You can draft an early game team and dominate the jungle, or go for a late game team and play more passively. Try out some different options, see what works best for you!






Before 4:00, Elder Treant Spawns At Jungle Shop

This adds to the strategy of early and late game team compositions. This gives teams something to fight over, and rewards the team who gets this treant. Early game teams can use the level advantage to snowball into the mid game, or late game teams can stall out and potentially even steal the treant from the enemy team. There are lots of strategies in the air, so the major question is, what works the best?






Hero Kill Bounties




First Blood (First kill of the game) = 300 gold

Making the first kill more valuable allows for early game fights, especially for the big shop treant. This is a whole tier 1 item, which can swing a fight directly into your favor. This can allow for snowballing through the mid game, and leading your team for victory.




Kill Bounty Changes

Killing a hero is now worth up to 125 + 75*killstreak + 15*assists since last death. If the hero killed has not reached the minimum worth of 200 gold, you will be given 200 gold for the kill. The max kill bounty is 600 gold, preventing teams that are very far behind from coming back within seconds.

This change makes kills worth your while worth so much more . In the past, you would focus on killing the jungle camps without caring if you died. Now, the opposite is true. You want to focus on the kills because they give more gold than a maxed out back-jungle monster. This also gives room for late game team compositions to win by dominating the late-mid game. The gold they get from kills will help them snowball after the kraken spawn.





Crystal Miner Changes

Bounty for killing the Crystal Miner is now 125 gold and 15 experience: This gives a little more influence for killing the crystal miner. Now that it also has 3 lives, there is a big late-game incentive for killing this objective.



Major hero changes:




Base armor and shield up to match most other heroes: 23-73 to 20-86. Makes him a bit weaker early, but tankier in the later stages.
House Kamuha (Heroic Perk): Weapon ratio up from 25% to 30%, giving him a boost to his weapon path. Hopefully he sees some more play in the competitive meta!





Base shield down from 25-113 to 25-80: Combined with her perk, players were able to achieve 250-290 shield in the late game with another item. Hopefully this tunes down her tankiness enough.
Stormguard (B) – Cooldown up from 6.0-4.0 to 7.0-5.0: With a crystal infusion, this annoying ability was available too often. This makes the player choose when to use it in a fight instead of using it carelessly.
Blast Tremor (Ultimate): Cooldown down from 105-85-65 to 100-80-60: This gets balanced out with the silence duration nerf from 2.5-3.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds at all levels. The energy cost was also lowered slightly. The duration nerf will help keep Catherine more balanced and will not tilt fights as much as it used to.




Berserker’s Fury (Heroic Perk): Weapon ratio up from 80% to 85%: This might give Rona a nice boost to get some more play in the meta.
Foesplitter (B): Weapon ratio up from 80% to 85%: To match the heroic perk, this ability will pack a little more punch and again, to give her a boost.
Red Mist (Ultimate): Bloodrage required to activate ability is down to 25 at all levels: Rona will be able to use this ability more often, giving more opportunities earlier in fights to deal damage and let her lane carry deal the majority of the damage.




Base armor and shield changed from 25-41.5 to 25-65: Lyra is getting the base defense she needs to be more reliable in the meta. This could let Lyra be more of a lane/support flex pick as well in higher tiered drafts.





Base armor and shield back up to most other heroes, 30-86: Same as Lyra, this defensive buff can make Fortress more reliable in the meta, especially for early game compositions.





Base armor and shield back up to par at 30-86: The same change that Fortress and Lyra has seen, consistency rocks!!
Dead Man’s Rush (A):
Cooldown down from 12-11-10-9-8 to 9-9-9-9-8: This will give Krul a little more early game power and sustain to add to his already strong early game.
Barrier strength up from 100-150-200-250-350 to 100-180-260-340-420: Buffing the health barrier at ability levels 2-5 will give a bigger incentive to upgrading this ability over the ultimate. This will also give Krul a bigger window to be more aggressive and not have to worry too much about dying early.
Barrier duration changed from 2.5 + 0.2% CR to 3.0 seconds: Krul will definitely be a little stronger than he was last patch, the duration will allow him to be tankier, but for longer!
Spectral Smite (B): Lifesteal per stack up to 12.5% at all levels: Lifesteal comes from damage output, so… there was no need for it to be lowered at early levels. Could this make his A ability more useful to upgrade first?





Adrenaline (Heroic Perk): Attack speed removed from her heroic perk: Due to this change, her base attack speed went back to 100-136% from 100-111%.
Glimmershot (A):
Removed armor piercing completely from this ability: Time to armor up! You can finally counter Kestrel’s Glimmershots with armor, however, this will make CP Kestrel a bit more powerful
Basic attack ratio up from 80-90-100-110-120% to 100-105-110-115-130%: This makes up for some lost ground from the armor pierce nerf.
Crystal damage down from 35-70-105-140-175 + 170% CPR to 30-60-90-120-150 + 160% CPR: Lowering the base crystal damage and also making Kestrel build CP items to deal the splash damage will affect how Kestrel is played greatly. Maybe it’s time to rely on her B ability a little more?





Forward Barrage (A):
Weapon ratio down from 210% to 50%: Bringing the WP Skye popularity way down, the damage you gain from this ability while building weapon will decrease dramatically.
Now has a 0% slow (+ 20% for every 100 WP to a max of 40%): This will give WP Skye more utility as a weapon carry, and this will also help her kite heroes better, especially when an Atlas Pauldron has been applied to her in the later stages of the game.





Vanguard (A): Range buff when overdriven: 7-7-7-7-8.5: Giving a benefit to upgrading the vanguard ability to max level, Ardan may see a bit more play in late game team compositions.
Blood for Blood (B): Range buff when overdriven: 5-5-5-5-7: Giving Ardan a benefit to overdriving his B ability early to fit in well with early-mid game team compositions.

These changes to Ardan will give him a place in early or late game team compositions, depending on what you overdrive first, or if you only overdrive one of them. Don’t forget about the stun duration when maxing his Gauntlet (ultimate)!





Spitfire (A): Damage toned down from 75-125-175-225-325 + 140% CPR to 75-135-195-255-315 + 150% CPR: Less base damage, more crystal power needed to make an impact. This makes shatterglass a more beneficial item for dealing damage, instead of always building Eve and Broken Myth.






Item Balances


Nullwave Gauntlet

Item silence duration down from 5 to 4 seconds: Giving supports a little more air to breathe when Nullwaved in the middle of fights.
Delivery system changed: Fast-moving projectile that detonates after a delay: You can either block the item before it hits you, or before it detonates. This will make Nullwave Gauntlet a little more balanced in fights, because it used to be a nearly guaranteed hit when you cannot see it in fights.

* * * *

Thank you for reading this article about a few of the new gameplay and hero changes added into Vainglory. We hope that this gives you a better grasp of how 2.1 works, and that it helps with becoming even better at the game!


Written by Playlover1 | Edited by Tranurz