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The core mission of EZL is to provide an opportunity to compete for any player with any skill level. We’re taking esports to a traditional sports level by changing the perception of gaming. The vision is big, the dream is big, and our hearts are even bigger!  

Talent Show

Prizepool of 30,000 ICE!

Don’t forget to bring your talents with you for the best chance of winning the Talent Show! No matter what region, skill tier or guild; team or no team, we have a place for you!



EZL Guilds

EZL Guild welcomes all types of players all around the world to have a chance to be in any type of guild. No matter if you like to grind, rank, or just looking for a casual family. So look no further, because EZL Guild is the guild for you!

EZL University

EZL University is a place to be trained and learn from top tier players, pro-players, and analysts. Teaching comes in many forms including private matches with live training, in depth analysis of VODS, or just Q&A sessions.

G4M3R Bot

Fast, reliable and incredibly useful. For big and small servers. G4M3R is your best gaming companion on Discord.

Always Growing!



Tournaments Completed


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our friends say:

The EZL bot, like any project by Skillz4Killz and co., is great at doing what it’s meant to do…I feel confident spending marketing budget on this bot b/c of the people behind it; even if I don’t get exactly the results I want. I know that I’ve contributed to the development of an amazing tool for the VG community that will only grow and get better…That said, we had good results already and looking forward to working with them more!



EZL brings players together, creates communities, unites people. It’s a community based organization that motivates its members to achieve their goals and at the same time contribute to the organization. It’s truly inspirational.

Super Evil Megacorp

Outside of the passion, drive, consistency & hard work by all involved, EZL makes you feel like FAMILY. When I joined EZL as a caster, I was made to feel warm, wanted & as if my small contribution was making a difference. I could see the passion & pride they have in everything they do as well as the responsibility to see a fault & correct it. It’s a pleasure & honor to have EZL in the community & to in any way be a part of it!


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Latest News

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